After watching the docudrama series about Albert Einstein two quotes by him touched me and I believe are thought-provoking, true and thus worthwhile sharing:

More quotes by him and other Beautiful Souls, you can find HERE (click).

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18 Responses

      1. I’ve been meaning to for a while and spotted this earlier so thought “Do it NOW” 🙂

        Also seen you over on Roberts blog too; all reminders I must not neglect my friends x

        1. Good friends understand life can be busy and are patient 😉 Now tell me, how have you been? Kids all well? Do you write yourself again/still?

          1. Yes they do and that is what defines good friend from not so good! I’m OK, not hit the writing in a long while, but I’m feeling like it is wanting to come back now. Kids back at school next week and suddenly growing up way too fast!!! how’s you?

            1. The cliche is true: time flies!
              We had two weeks free time together, already the hubby back at work for a week and I realized last week, in 4 months the holiday season will be behind us already! That was truly a shock, so I am trying to deny that fact and enjoy the end of the summer 😉
              So, yeah…busy too but enjoying myself at the same time.

              1. Very true, although getting older has a relativity feel about it! Time flow is proportional to age! I blink and it’s like whoosh! I just don’t feel ready for another long winter, not that I hate autumn because I quite like it….but last winter left me longing for greenery. Might be a touch of SAD going on maybe. Oh and shhh, not a lot of people know this, but a publisher I submitted to just emailed me saying the turnover deadline is almost up and my manuscript is still under consideration. Not naturally high on optimism, but it was nice to hear ? X

                    1. You know Gary, there are (several) blog-friends I wish I could hop over to for real. But for the time being, yes we will have to do with the next post/chat. XxX

                    2. Yes, I know what you mean Patti. Mind you, when I started blogging and looking at everyone doing so well I never expected to be saying that!!! x

Love to connect with my neighbors on our globe :-)

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