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Sharing posts created by Beautiful Souls is for me an important method to acknowledge my neighbors and this week I came across interesting and marvelous articles again. Before I share those with you, first this:

A while ago, I turned my website into a multi-website again, since it seems to be the only way to enable adding a WP Press this button to posts and pages, which is similar to the share function at WP.com. Unfortunately, this week I discovered it didn’t function correctly. I don’t need a multi-website (which is handy, if for instance, you want to have various blogs/websites and just one administration dashboard), but turning my website back to a single-website was not that easy. Until I discovered a tutorial at YouTube. All my settings are back to normal (which means recognizable for me, haha), but the WP Press this button I lost again.
I don’t want to go to the same process all over again, so for now the only way to share an article/post created by me, is via copy-past the link or using the WP Press this button…if you have added it to your bookmarks (read HERE ), or for WP.com users; go to your tools-settings at the dashboard. There are more great articles to be found via Google about this topic. Oh, if you are a WP.com member, you can also share via the reader 🙂

After completing the tutorial I mentioned, I noticed another one, which I planned to do ages ago: exploring the world of SEO, more specifically the one I installed from Yoast. That was very helpful, I can tell you 🙂

So, with this maintenance-stuff out-of-the-way (for the time being)…Last week I connected with Mr. The Militant Negro and I read a very important article at his website: Erasing Global Racism (click). Truly a must read!

Bethany wrote a post about a question you shouldn’t ask yourself, if you’re a victim of abuse. Down to earth and absolutely an important message for victims, or in the words of Bethany, survivors of abuse. Read more HERE (click).

About a year and half ago I connected with Dr. Gulara Vincent for the first time and I’ve share some articles by her in the past. Still following her and this week she posted a  profound article: As always an important message mingled with a piece from her personal story. Nope, I also don’t have my sh*t together all the time, but like Gulara, don’t feel broken anymore. Read here interesting story “Both – And” HERE (click).

Reading Bethany’s and Gulara’s posts, I remembered a video I watched during the Existential Well-Being Counseling course, a role-play about a victim of abuse and forgiveness. Forgive your abuser…Not sure, if I would be capable of that.

Hope you like the articles as much as I did and don’t forget to acknowledge (hit that like button!) the authors 😉

Acknowledge ;-)

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    1. As always my pleasure, dear Gulara. Sending you a big hug and hope to catch up with you soon again 😉 Big hugs! XxX

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