I am a compassionate researcher, philosopher, blogger, guidance practitioner. Passionately connecting (off- and online) with people on a global scale, for the purpose to exchange knowledge, experiences and perspectives. My personal building stones are the wisdom of our ancestors and of nature. In addition, the knowledge and technology of the 21st century. By sharing these building blocks and offering guidance through my website, I aim to inspire my fellow Human Beings to Connect.

Other Beautiful Posts ~ Militant Negro, Bethany, Dr. Gulara Vincent

Sharing posts created by Beautiful Souls is for me an important method to acknowledge my neighbors and this week I came across interesting and marvelous articles again. Before I share those with you, first this:

A while ago, I turned my website into a multi-website again, since it seems to be the only way to enable adding a WP Press this button to posts and pages, which is similar to the share function at WP.com. Unfortunately, this week I discovered it didn’t function correctly. I don’t need a multi-website (which is handy, if for instance, you want to have various blogs/websites and just one administration dashboard), but turning my website back to a single-website was not that easy. Until I discovered a tutorial at YouTube. All my settings are back to normal (which means recognizable for me, haha), but the WP Press this button I lost again.
I don’t want to go to the same process all over again, so for now the only way to share an article/post created by me, is via copy-past the link or using the WP Press this button…if you have added it to your bookmarks (read HERE ), or for WP.com users; go to your tools-settings at the dashboard. There are more great articles to be found via Google about this topic. Oh, if you are a WP.com member, you can also share via the reader 🙂

After completing the tutorial I mentioned, I noticed another one, which I planned to do ages ago: exploring the world of SEO, more specifically the one I installed from Yoast. That was very helpful, I can tell you 🙂

So, with this maintenance-stuff out-of-the-way (for the time being)…Last week I connected with Mr. The Militant Negro and I read a very important article at his website: Erasing Global Racism (click). Truly a must read!

Bethany wrote a post about a question you shouldn’t ask yourself, if you’re a victim of abuse. Down to earth and absolutely an important message for victims, or in the words of Bethany, survivors of abuse. Read more HERE (click).

About a year and half ago I connected with Dr. Gulara Vincent for the first time and I’ve share some articles by her in the past. Still following her and this week she posted a  profound article: As always an important message mingled with a piece from her personal story. Nope, I also don’t have my sh*t together all the time, but like Gulara, don’t feel broken anymore. Read here interesting story “Both – And” HERE (click).

Reading Bethany’s and Gulara’s posts, I remembered a video I watched during the Existential Well-Being Counseling course, a role-play about a victim of abuse and forgiveness. Forgive your abuser…Not sure, if I would be capable of that.

Hope you like the articles as much as I did and don’t forget to acknowledge (hit that like button!) the authors 😉

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    1. As always my pleasure, dear Gulara. Sending you a big hug and hope to catch up with you soon again 😉 Big hugs! XxX

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