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The Legend of the Lumenstones, Tanya Cliff: Review

Among the blogs and websites I follow myself, I have a few authors on my weekly reading list. For Katherin E. Garland I wrote my first review at this site in Patty-style as I like to call it, because I am not an official reviewer 😉 A few months ago, I wrote two reviews for Richard M. Ankers. Since then I’ve been reading several other books and among those also two books written by again an author, who happens to be a blogger too.

Some persons I connect with through WordPress and thus blogging do feel like I know them for many years, but, if I remember correctly, with this writer I started to connect regularly since the beginning of this year. Time flies by, so it could be longer… Anyway, Tanya is such person and for this beautiful lady inside and out, I created this review.

The plan was to write a review right after I finished book number one, however, by the time I finished, the sequel was released. This impatient and curious woman needed to know how the story would continue, so no surprise, I have read both published books in the series. Long, long overdue, my thoughts about this Legend:

First, the covers:

As you can see, it is about the Legend of the Lumenstones and I just love the sober, but to me very artistic covers.

The story:

Born in The Netherlands, English is not my native language. The way Tanya wrote the story I never felt the need to get the dictionary. Easy to follow, tantalizing to keep on reading, and thus absolutely not ordinary. Tanya created wonderful different personalities, living in a world easily to imagine and an intriguing story-line.

I don’t know, if the genre is fairy-tale, fantasy, or something similar…Humor, action, friendship, love…all included 🙂
Not a fan of series, I have to admit this again. The stories of these kind of books are mostly just as good as in any other book, but I just do not like to wait until the next part has been written and published. However, if the first book is as good as the one of The Legend of the Lumenstones, I just can’t help myself and read all following parts too.

Tanya Cliff, I already knew you are a marvelous poet and photographer. That you have a weird taste (in a good way!) when it comes down to some of your short videos, but I can sincerely write: your are a fabulous story-teller too.

Keep on writing please…This impatient curious woman is desperately looking forward to part three! Which, you told me, is an ongoing process, almost finished: Yippee!

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© Tanya Cliff

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    1. Since this book involves several ‘road trips’, you might like the story 😉 If you do, let me know if you liked the book(s) too.
      Wishing you a adventures weekend, XxX

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