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Darkness can be an inspiration to find light again.

December is a month which can be a joyful period in your life, at the same time, it can also be a tough month. Darkness can literally consume you and the belief there is always hope, maybe too hard to hold on to.
For me personally, this time of the year is both: looking forward to the holidays and spend time with Beautiful Souls close to me, however, also always a reminder of my troubled past and as a result of that, the Beautiful Souls no longer connected to my Dreampack.

It is easy to say “focus at what you do have, at the positive”, but many will agree: it truly is easier said than done. In my experience, it will never get easier and I even think it is better to accept that. Acceptance can soften the rawness of emotions and being honest to yourself, acknowledging to yourself it hurts (whatever the ‘it’ is for you), are important steps towards healing.

During the last few weeks of the year, people often reflect on their current status in life, make new plans for the year to come. In addition, it seems also to be the perfect timing to give to charity or get personally involved in charity-projects.

I know more and more of my neighbors are no longer watching or reading news-items. Written this before, I believe it is walking away from your responsibility towards your fellow human beings, to other living creatures, to nature, hence, to our world. Yes, I can understand it can be hard to watch, or read about, what we do to each other.

Ignoring it, won’t change it. 

Yesterday I learned through the news ! , an inspiring child won the International Children’s Peace Prize: Mohamad Al Jounde, 16 years old, a Syrian refugee who fled to Lebanon with his family when life became too dangerous at home.He set out to provide education to children in the refugee camp. Despite arduous living conditions, Mohamad managed to build a school there. At the age of 12, he was already teaching math and English to other children. (source: HERE)

You must have been living under a rock, if you don’t remember the both horrifying and inspiring story of Malala Yousafzai:

Children like Mohamad, Malala and many more inspire me to keep educating myself, inform myself about the well-being of my neighbors. Don’t put yourself in a spot you will have to say ‘I didn’t know’. It will lead, in my opinion, to ignorance and maybe even worse, indifference. I ask you kindly, but urgently again:

“Don’t skip the news indefinitely, care for us: your neighbor, you and me.”

No matter how dark the place might feel, there is always hope. Change for the better is possible. There are so many children living in inhumane circumstances, and still they find a way to stay hopeful. When you need to Boost Your Soul, let children be your inspiration, because they are proof:

Darkness can be an inspiration to find light again.

To put words into action myself…I’ve updated two introductions of Beautiful Souls you should visit and connect with again:
Sarah (click)
Gulara (click)
I will donate to this amazing organisation, Kids Rights(Click), Founder of the International Children’s Peace Prize (Click).

Inspire each other...

12 Responses

  1. Felt rather moved getting a read out of this post, uplifted my inspiration to a whole new level and upgraded my love for your work, thought and writing a whole lot more. Lots of love, – Cezane

  2. Patty, you are a true inspiration to the blogging community. I love the fact that you are bringing important things into the light and you are right when it comes to the news, let us see them with different eyes. Thank you for blessing us with this phenomenal entry. Hope you are feeling a little better today.

    1. Ah dear Manuel, as always your kindness warms my heart. Yes, I do feel better. Don’t ask me Thursday or Friday 😉 Big hug! XxX

    1. Somehow, I knew you would 🙂
      Digging in more into the Children’s prize, I found out that several years ago a person from The Netherlands made a suggestion to the Nobel Peace Committee to add children to the nomination list. They didn’t think it was a good idea. Long story short; KidsRights stepped in and the International Children’s Peace Prize was initiated.

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