People say the world has gone crazy, as if it is a recent development. Yes, violence and intolerance has increased, again, but humans have been hurting one and another since, well the beginning of time. The difference between then and now; we fight each other no longer for survival. We inflict pain both physically and mentally, because we have issues with the color, gender, belief, opinion, etc. of our neighbors. Compassion, kindness, love became means to a goal: thrive at the cost of humanity.

The holiday season has started, a period of the year we gather at dinner tables, underneath a Christmas tree, in Churches, community buildings, exchange gifts, sing together, dance near fires, lighting fireworks, give to charity,  or long for one’s own religious festive days, all depending on where we live and/or our belief.

A large part of our globe will be infected by the charm of the spell of true compassion, kindness and love. Now tell me, will we take those warm feelings and kind behavior towards one and another into our daily life? Can we make sure we no longer need days like these to be reminded of the fact, we need each other to survive? Realize and accept, we all have our own stories, emotions, feelings, and no matter what, we all are equally import for the survival of our globe and all it’s living creatures upon?

Or do we wake up after this holiday season, again realizing, it’s all a big illusion?

“Human history is a history not only of cruelty, but also of compassion, sacrifice, courage, kindness. What we choose to emphasize in this complex history will determine our lives.” – Howard Zinn

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Connect with me and your neighbors...

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Love to connect with my neighbors on our globe :-)

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