No advice will help, until you hear your own voice first (Boost Your Soul)

You do matter. You are worth it. You are not alone. You don’t have to struggle alone. Happiness is a choice. Love yourself. Embrace all of you, positives and limitations. A few lines you most likely have read before, being it in a commercial, in a book or magazine, on a blog, on my website. As true as these are, they will have no impact unless you start listening to your own voice first.

Being a woman who values the thoughts, views and wisdom of the Beautiful Souls surrounding me a lot, I had to learn, no matter how true their advice, if it didn’t correspond with my own voice (thoughts, views, opinion), it wouldn’t sink in.

I also had to learn it is not selfish to value my own voice more. It isn’t easy and it takes courage to start listening to your own voice and no, don’t just dismiss what your loved ones are saying immediately.

However… yes… a BUT… you know your own truth. You know deep within, if advice is suitable for you, if it leads you in a better direction, on your unique journey.

No advice will help, until you hear your own voice first.

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