Spring arrived ! Perfect time to start living by example.

According to the calendar, Spring starts on March 21 over here. A new year starts officially at January 1. Well, this woman of the Sun and being part of nature, counting down the days till Spring as soon as Autumn starts, noticed the first signs of Spring weeks ago. In addition, being a woman of the Sun, I follow theΒ climatic calendar. So…

Spring arrived! Woop Woop πŸ™‚

For me, as soon as the weather outside is comfortable enough, I will be outside in the (vegetable) garden again, meaning I have to re-schedule my daily routine. That also meant I had to make some tough choices again. Withdraw from some projects, delay other ones, or plan them less frequent. To make sure I can spend enough time at my own Dreampack, and free up some hours during the week too.

Maybe you think; “well, Patty, why do you share this trivial information?”

I care for our big Dreampack too and I fully understand the urge to fight the system, hence, we have to keep fighting (not literally!) for a more peaceful world for all of us… Living by example is a way to reach (y)our goals too, I think.

Each day we all get up, start a new day and survive in our unique ways. Maybe, you don’t like the path you’re walking right now? Your neighbors are walking? What better season to start making new choices as Spring? As part of nature, follow nature around us and revive again too?

Nature can be harsh, the weak will not survive.Β  Life can be harsh too, provides no guarantees. Humans can be harsh too, provide no guarantees. We do have a choice, however: to not buy guns (sorry, had to πŸ˜‰ ), to take better care of the flora and fauna, our neighbors, ourselves.

Spring arrived ! Perfect time to start living by example.

Take control of what you can control
Was Einstein right? Or are we going to proof him wrong…
No advice will help, until you hear your own voice first
It’s just a game. Is it?

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9 Responses

  1. While we likely have more than the last vestiges of winter to enjoy here where I’m at, I can hear the distant whispers of Spring. And it brings great joy to my heart. I am always inspired by the brilliant green that only appears once Spring shows up, and with it I feel newly awakened as well. Yes, yes, yes, to fresh beginnings and inspired action and kindness, kindness, and more peace.

    1. One more day of Siberian-like cold here today and after that…Spring it is. Will send you some sun and warming energy πŸ˜‰

Love to connect with my neighbors on our globe :-)

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