Implementing exercise does not have to be complicated

Last month, I wrote about how I believe the importance of exercise is still underrated: Obesity is still increasing around the world, as also other chronic diseases. Changing your eating habits to lose weight, or to gain weight, to better your health in general is one of the keys.

Adjusting your diet and starting to eat less white sugar, consume more natural foods, ditching the junk food will not increase your health, if you don’t start moving too. I am absolutely convinced my daily walks with our Joy (dog) decreased the amount of times I catch a cold for instance and contributed to my health in general. Exercising is not only good for your physical health, it is also a perfect way to Boost Your Soul. Maybe even more importantly, a way to love yourself.

A Dreampack is for me, among two other views,  a way of life and to create your Dreampack, exercise should be part of your lifestyle. Often I hear my neighbors say “I don’t have time”. Besides the fact your health should be important enough to create time:

Exercise will improve your health both physically as mentally!

My husband developed a fitness program, which suits his unique body and goals. He has a time-consuming job, but schedules four times a week to follow that program. Another goal of him is to spend more time with our dog Joy. A few photographs to show you how he combined the two:

Joy learns to wait patiently and my husband gets to bond with her in a totally different way. Isn’t it inspiring?!

Do you need help to set up a suitable fitness program for you? Go visit the website of my dear friend David: Chape Fitness . Not ready yet? Subscribe at least to his newsletter in which he provides an overview of his best articles, each month.

Find out what suits you as an individual; dancing, fitness, martial arts, tennis, soccer, football, hiking, etc.

Creating your Dreampack requires you to be and feel healthy. Don’t take it for granted.

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5 Responses

  1. Dear Patty include one more best thing to be done along with the exercise is Sun Bathing. Just taking Sun rays into the body during early and late hours in the morning and evening respectively. That is one thing I have lately been doing.
    Tell your Husband to include this in his wonderful program.

    1. Haha, as a woman of the Sun I make sure he gets his share of shunshine 😉 Thank you for the reminder, dear Shiva. XxX

Love to connect with my neighbors on our globe :-)

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