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Update March 2018 (My Dreampack)

During March the weather started to improve and I just couldn’t wait to start working in the garden again. As always, I walked around and made a list of tasks to be done. All borders in the garden and courtyard, I had to remove the leaves and dead material of plants, so when the sun started to shine (finally ! ), the plants and flowers could get more much-needed warmth.

This is what it looked like:
(hover over the pictures for  a description)

I also started to saw some seeds, forgot to take pictures of that. But I do this each year for about 25 years now, therefore I can show you pictures of last year 🙂 At internet you can find lots of information about how to grow your own vegetables. No, it isn’t difficult. In need of some tips from me? Feel free to ask 😉
(hover over the pictures for  a description)

Our naughty, but overall sweet, Joy became three years old in March. Dogs don’t ‘do’ birthdays and we believe in treating our dog(s) as natural as possible in the 21st century and thus respect the animal she is. No birthday-cake, dressing up, extra snack. Just as every day, she got her natural raw food (fresh meat), a long walk for her necessary exercise (good for body and mind), short walks in case she needs to pee/poop, playtime (my husband is her favorite playmate) and lots of personal attention during the day. Yes, animals need love too, however suitable food and fresh water, structure, shelter and guidance is the best love you can give your furry friend.

The month March ended extra happy for us… We finally sold our house in The Netherlands and we were invited to the yearly feast in the small village we currently live in. During the evening they made a huge fire. It always amazes me, how powerful fire is. The large wood pile was gone very quickly.

Time goes by even faster, it seems. Don’t forget to enjoy the small treasures life has to offer 😉



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        1. Over here too, but now it has really arrived:-) Next week even a few days with Summer temperatures, woop woop. Hahaha.
          Anyways, Happy Spring to you too and enjoy your weekend. XxX

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