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A recurring theme I always seem to struggle with is my interests in so many various topics. Reading, studying, or writing about these, let alone implement them in my daily routine. Normally, when I feel overwhelmed, I would fall back on my lists to re-organize my schedule, prioritize what I want to do first, what I need to do first. They say if you have enough passion for something, finding the time to practice it will not be an issue.

Is it an age thing, are my changing hormones playing up again, or is it some kind of natural process? Has the change of seasons something to do with it? What is the reason, I drive myself crazy at times and I seem to have lost my passion for anything at all and I end up doing either too many things half/half or nothing at all?

The irony is, I tell myself I don’t know what is happening or how to change it for the better… but I do!

As always, I just have to go back to my personal developed vision about life and lifestyle. Besides eating healthy (plus enjoying every now and then the bad food to the fullest), exercising enough, take care of my Dreampack (to be able to keep living in my shelter of choice), make sure I sleep enough (structure), and if I can’t find the right mindset:

Turn to my personal hero’s for inspirations and/or advice (guidance).

When it comes down to taking care of my furry friend Joy, Cesar Milan is my personal hero with regard to raising this sweet girl. When she’s naughty, I know I wasn’t clear enough and didn’t provide accurate guidance and structure. It will result in her getting confused, which means her natural instinct kicks in; she will try to lead our Dreampack. Nowadays, I just have to think of Cesar and I remember to breathe, to get back to being calm and assertive.

When in doubt to publish an article the way I initially wrote it, my own hubby is my guiding hero (and this rock also keeps me grounded on many other occasions too πŸ˜‰ ) My dear friend Manuel is always a fantastic help, if I need advice with regards to poetry.

People like Gulara, Katherin and Marije, blogging-friends (although after all this time, became more than acquaintances from blogging) regularly help me to remind, to trust my Inner Child, my gut-feeling and most of the answers I look for, are just in front of me.

Numerology fascinates me and the monthly articles always appear to be so accurate. The website of Vincent is in Dutch, a paragraph of his latest newsletter guided me through those overwhelming feelings the last time:

“If you do not take action, the energy stays in your head and it will work over-time.
Instead of being busy, you keep reviewing your original plan and keep seeing something that is not entirely right, over and over again. How unfortunate! Stuck in that anti-flow? Then go outside and look for a bud on a tree. Ask yourself the question: Would this bud also be worried whether she will be a beautiful blossom? Who knows. It won’t keep her from working hard now.”

My passion(s) hasn’t vanished, I know my personal mission, no need to second guess, and I just need to accept myself for the person I am: sometimes I will get overwhelmed and ask myself silly questions. In that case:

It’s OK to reach out for help, to seek guidance when creating my Dreampack.

I read in the USA they already created their last and final episode, but with regards to interior design and re-building houses, Joanna and Chip Gaines are my hero’s. To end this post a bit similar to their lovely accent:

I hope you all enjoyed reading today’s chatter πŸ™‚

Acknowledge ;-)

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  1. I love that quote by Vincent – what wonderful advise! I think we all go through those periods Patty where we seem to vacillate between overwhelmed things (even those wonderful things we love) and stuck-in-our-tracks. For me those times are when it’s especially important to practice radical self-love and compassion, and trust that we’ll find our balance again and return to a rhythm that more naturally suits us.

    It’s always lovely to have people and resources to turn to for inspiration and encouragement and guidance in these times isn’t it?

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