As of tomorrow, May 25 2018, a new regulation will be implemented in Europe. GDPR. Being a website owner and professional life coach, I had to write and update my disclaimer and privacy policy too. Did you know, if you are a website owner or own a business (no matter the size of it) and you get visitors from Europe at your website/blog, you too are required to implement this regulation?

My Privacy Policy and Disclaimer you can find on the bottom of my website, in the footer-section. For your convenience, the direct links to each page:

Privacy Policy

Do you still need to write or adjust yours? Feel free to use mine as an inspiration.

A far more fun page to write; the information about my co-creative program. For a limited time, to celebrate this step on my path, I offer my programs for FREE. Interested and/or Ready to C.A.R.E? Read more here: C.A.R.E. Program

Fine-tuning still a few of the tools and programs, adjusting the website here and there, but excited to start connecting with future co-creators and also to continue my regular blogging routine again.

Working on a poem with my friend Manuel and you can also expect a new ‘Boost Your Soul’ article soon!

That’s all for now 😉

Acknowledge ;-)

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2 Responses

    1. Well, or I (and other visitors of Europe) should stop visiting your website. And since I really don’t want to, please write/adjust that thing 😉

Love to connect with my neighbors on our globe :-)

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