That fine line between sharing your belief-system and manipulation

Why people do what they do, has always been intriguing to me. Often, because I really didn’t understand, sometimes because I felt pushed into a direction I didn’t want to go. I’ve also always been a person who valued opinions of others highly, found it hard to hurt another for my own benefit. At the same time, growing up, I regularly felt the hairs on my neck rising the moment someone wanted to give me advice.

I still value the opinions of others highly, but I learned it is OK to stick to my own belief-system as long as mine doesn’t harm others. Sometimes, I still don’t understand the reason a person does what he/she does. I can still get the chills in a negative way, if I hear someone talk about their belief-system. About religion, lifestyle (for instance Veganism or minimalism), sexual preference, or any other topic there just doesn’t exist an absolute truth.

As a social-pedagogic, animal therapist, existential well-being counselor, since recently also a life-coach and foremost as a human being, I thought a lot about advice, giving it, receiving it. Being open to the belief-system of others is very important and no, it isn’t always easy. It requires not only to be open-minded, but also being non-judgmental and as I always like to put it, being aware of the fact that your truth doesn’t have to be mine and vice versa.

This morning I caught myself not listening actively, ready to give advice and share my opinion, based on my personal belief-system. It was out of concern for a Beautiful Soul very close to me, so I know I am forgiven. In addition, I also realize I write a lot in an advisory way, always with good intention, to provoke you to think for yourself. I hope it doesn’t give readers the feeling they HAVE to follow-up.

This is what a Dreampack means to me in general:

You might have a different definition of what a Dreampack means to you.

Maybe you gave up eating meat for whatever reason you felt the need to do so. Family could be very important to you and you believe we should honor all of our family members, unconditionally. Vaccinations are evil and the use of pesticides is killing our globe. There is only one God watching over us all, you might believe we are all aliens.

Belief what you believe is your truth, good for you as the unique Beautiful Soul you are.

However, belief-systems are just that. An idea, an opinion, a system you believe in for a reason obvious to you, but maybe not convincingly true enough to me. The Mimosa Pudica in me needs, among other validations, solid proof. Yesterday I shared a text video about a tool I always thought was ridiculous. Open minded as I try to be as much as I can, I gave it a shot for a while. It works. For me. Therefore, I share it with others. Try it, don’t try it, it is just one way to boost your to-do-list.

The Mimosa Pudica in me also doesn’t like to be manipulated. Be passionate about a topic, I can totally resonate with. Advising me to stop consuming meat, because it is unnatural… Well, that could be your belief-system, it is definitely not mine.

Sharing sweet pictures of animals, telling me not to eat them. I will end up in hell, if I don’t believe in God. Being a doctor equals always being right. A few hairs start rising up in my neck.

That fine line between sharing your belief-system and manipulation.

Acknowledge ;-)

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