Emotionsoflive & Mimosa Pudica: Conversation @ Distance: New View

New View

A new view,
Must I experience?
A new design,
Must I create?
A new journey,
Why so afraid?
The path feels familiar,
Yet complications do not.

Fear of change
Can be overwhelming
Emotions feel strange
Breaking old patterns
Achieving new goals
Creating other standards
Are those complications real?
Worth turning the wheel?

Those questions drive my behavior,
The answers made me stop;
Are they real?
Am I real?
God! Such havoc, fear creates
Or is it me?
Or the old me?
Or insecurities of the new me?

Realizations new
Similar feelings
All of the above
Pieces of you
Seems different wasteland
Feed your thoughts
Water your emotions
You’re in command!

EmotionsofLife & Mimosa Pudica

As always, so rewarding to create with you dear Manuel, on so many different levels. ThanX !

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10 Responses

    1. Hi dear Beautiful Soul, thank you for connecting! I am happy you could resonate with this ‘conversation’, however sorry you had to go similar feelings. Sending you a big hug, XxX

Looking forward to connect !

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