Update May 2018 (My Dreampack)

Already time again for the monthly update of my personal Dreampack. Don’t you just love during spring nature starts to flourish? Some beautiful plants blooming beautifully last month, lost their flowers and start growing further, while others are providing a fantastic spectacle during this month and most likely also next month 🙂

Even herbs are producing flowers, the sage with little flowers is for me a first!

Spring has arrived early this year, Summer did too. Keeping my fingers crossed, autumn will stay away for many more months 😉 Until then, enjoying the sun to the fullest. Walking with our Joy – trying to catch mice, the wild flowers, the heron who returned for his yearly visit, the rainbow and the latest addition to our neighbors cattle herd 🙂

The tomatoes, peppers are growing steadily and today I noticed the flowers, which will turn into fruits, are developing already. Also the zucchini and rucola (lettuce) are starting to grow. Blackberry and, for the first time I planted this one myself, grape are climbing fast. The snap beans, leek and celery I added to the vegetable yard, which my hubby prepared this year again. Some days have been tropical over here and those days I run around to give all plants and vegetables extra water. No complains however, from this woman of the sun:
Woop Woop 🙂

Yep, this month we also grilled a few times outside and the strawberries from our own garden are delicious. As always, after a busy day outside, our Joy won’t admit she is tired and falls asleep with her precious ball in her mouth…

June will be the month I have several appointments to finally get my new fake teeth, my birthday will take place and I treated myself early by ordering a book, edited by a dear friend, maintaining the garden, finishing the additional courses to become a Master Coach and last but not least, I am going to a music festival to dance & rock at music from Pearl Jam, The Offspring, Editors, Bruno Mars, Foo Fighters, Snow Patrol and many more.

If I survive the latter, I will have a lot to update by the end of June! However, this doesn’t mean I will not write, read and coach during upcoming weeks. So don’t become a stranger, because as always; looking forward to connect !

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14 Responses

  1. What a delight seeing your garden and flowers flourishing. Everything looks abundant and wonderful, and it sounds like that’s the kind of month you’ve got planned as well. Enjoy!

    1. Indeed, dear Deborah, the garden seems more abundantly then last year. However, I think it also due to my own more flourishing spirit 😉
      Big hug! XxX

    1. It is indeed a lot of work, but fortunately one of my passions, so fun work 😉
      Thanks for connecting again, dear Helena! Big hug, XxX

  2. Wauw, wat ziet je tuin er prachtig uit! Wat een mooi voorjaar (en een hoop liefde van jou natuurlijk!) niet al kan bewerkstelligen! Sterkte met het tandengedoe! XX

    1. Dank je wel Anuscka! Misschien dat het gekletst tegen de planten dan toch helpt? hihi
      En vandaag de eerste tandartsafspraak, meteen een hele lange; eerst de files overleven, dus ga zo op weg 😉
      En jij nog eh…47 ? dagen tot de grote ‘move’ ? Spannend spannend.
      Liefs, Patty

        1. Dank je. Viel even tegen, maar ergste nu gehad. Vanaf volgende week ‘opbouwen’ zeg maar. 🙂 Tot….XxX

Love to connect with my neighbors on our globe :-)

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