Daddy ~ edited by Dr. K E Garland ~ Review

Among the blogs and websites I follow myself, I have a few authors on my weekly reading list. About two weeks ago, I posted the review of The Legend of the Lumenstones written by Tanja Cliff. Another author I connected with for over two years already is Dr. K E Garland. This inspirational woman wrote The Unhappy Wife, released in 2016, which includes the stories of 12 women describing their relationships. Dr. K E Garland is back with another book: Daddy  ~ Reflections of father-daughter relationships.

This time, Katherin was the editor of the book, which includes “fourteen memoirs that describe the impact a failed father-daughter relationship can have”.

Not only because I want to support the Beautiful Souls I’ve built (virtual) friendships with, also because I am a daughter of three fathers (and one mother), the title of this book intrigued me. Would I recognize ‘various stages of breakdown’? Reading this book, may lead to adjusting the choices I made regarding the relationships with my three fathers?

So, I did order the book, took my time to read it, took my time to digest what I’d read. This book confirms for me personally, I made the right choices in the past. Although I could resonate with parts of some of the stories, it also affirmed to me the uniqueness of relationships. Especially father-daughter relationships I think. At the same time, this book added personal inner peace.

Indeed, “a father’s presence is important in a daughter’s life”. As I personally learned, but you can also read this in ‘Daddy’; the absence of a father shapes a girl too.

“Part I shows the proverbial truth in the phrase, hurt people hurt people. ”
“Part II illustrates how compassion can lead towards a path of inner peace and happiness, no matter the state of the relationship”.

Again brave women who reveal their stories. Again a book I highly recommend you do read.

Being a father, being a daughter. Being a mother, to understand the importance of the relationship between your (ex-)partner and your daughter. Being anyone, who wants to understand father-daughter relationships better, especially “dysfunctional” ones.

To Katherin: Apologies it took me a while to write this short review. Already looking forward to read your next book or contribution to a book.

To my readers: order your copy of this book Daddy ~ Reflections of father-daughter relationships HERE (click)

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