Back to daily routine, Woop Woop :-)

After three weeks of relaxing, finishing projects around our farmhouse, helping family moving, and many other activities (which I will post over later this week), today we started our daily routine again. Meaning, my hubby went back to work again and I am blogging, coaching, taking care of our dog, farmhouse, creating illustrations, etc., etc., again.

As much as I love quality-time with the Beautiful Souls in my Dreampack, a stay-at-home-vacation doesn’t differ much for me in comparison to regular days. Of course, I am always happy during these kind of weeks to be able to lunch together with my hubby and being able to talk to him more during the day. Oh, and stay up at bit longer at night as usual. Besides that, and I love our dog dearly, however, my husband walking with her more and meanwhile, I get to do other things; that is vacation for me 🙂

However, somehow, I get more done with structure implemented, that’s why I am happy to be back to our daily routine. For the tasks I do not appreciate that much, I created earlier this year this:

On my laptop I’ve put four small notes: Focus, Discipline, Important, Balance. I am easily distracted by new interesting topics or articles and before I know it, half a day has passed and I didn’t finish what I intended to at the beginning of a day. Focus it is!

In the course I completed, given by a dear friend (read HERE more about it! ) I was reminded of the so true saying ‘if you are too busy as a leader, you are doing something wrong’. That is to me applicable to anyone, no matter the role you have. It also means, prioritizing between what is important and urgent. Do you realize, if you finish important tasks first, they most likely won’t even become urgent?!

The effect of discipline; watch this inspiring video, created by Will Smith and Jim Kwik:

In the end, balance, as cliché as it might sound, is crucial. That’s why my husband and I plan regularly extra free Mondays or Fridays, to extend our weekends together. In addition, we try to have a three-week vacation period each year during the summer and take two weeks around the holiday-season.

As much as I love blogging, coaching, taking care of our dog, farmhouse, creating illustrations, etc. etc… I love to relax even more. In the evening lying down on the sofa with my hubby nearby and most of the times, our dog right beside me. To be able to that AND finish all other activities, structure is a necessity for me.

Woop Woop! Back to daily routine 🙂



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13 Responses

  1. Great reminder Patty… to focus… deliberate was suppose to be my 2018 word… and it still is, but i have managed to work more “off the cuff” and “raw and unedited” into my days than i should. Time to focus… easier said than done for me.

    1. Hi Jeanne 🙂
      I hear you, not easy for me either. That’s why I added the video about discipline, since that is an important ‘ingredient’ too, I figure.

      1. Thanks for this post, Patty!! I fear i have become to accustomed to my indulgences… missed the “discipline” video. That may have been on purpose… i think i too do better with structure and routine. Or maybe if it were Denzel Washington talking… lol! I am a huge Denzel fan… ?? Regardless, here is to a fruitful Fall season… let us see what we can accomplish. There is much on my plate… first i think i will try to finish my quilt(s).

        1. Me too! Love Denzel 🙂 So far, fruitful it is, literally hahaha. Have a bucket full of apples and plums, thanks to my neighbors huge trees 🙂 Have fun finishing the quilts. Maybe you can display some of them on your blog soon?

  2. You have built a fine lifestyle, from the sound of it, Patty. Here at my Home Base, in Arizona, I am doing things that cost relatively little- as a rent increase is coming and, in order to complete my work commitment, at least for this year, I am making a contented adjustment to not being out of town every other weekend.

    1. I definitely have nothing to complain about, dear Gary. Sounds you created a solid plan too, to keep thriving 🙂

  3. That explains a lot of the times , more often than not, why I’m always doing stuff urgently. Since I started a new academic year, it’d be great to implement putting all the important things number one on my to do lists!!

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