Why I decided to become a Master Coach

Totally unexpected, Mother Nature treated us with one more week of Summer. Besides preparing our garden for wintertime, I now also have to water the plants again. This woman of the Sun just can’t complain 😉 In between, I have been researching and writing drafts. In addition, did some website maintenance and updated some articles here on my website. Like this one:

Co-Create ~ Vision & Mission

As a young girl, I took much pleasure in browsing through all kinds of magazines: the photographs of fingernails painted in red even helped me to stop biting my nails. As a teenager (also later on,) I loved to read the columns and articles of women who gave advice about any topic you can think of. Mostly women wrote to the author of such column – usually with a header like ‘Dear Mona’ – and asked questions about their relationship (or the lack of having one), about health issues, household tips and even now and then political issues were addressed.

When you asked me around the age of seven, what I wanted to be as an adult, I answered ‘a psychologist for children’. Children of my age, who needed a listening ear always seemed to be attracted to me and even adults told me their problems, which years later I understood weren’t topics for a young girl to talk and worry about. As the eldest of children in a merged family I was often the listening ear for the youngsters. Nowadays it still regularly occurs, talking to another person, even strangers: within five minutes people tell me their life-stories, or the recent issues they deal with.

During my life, I often needed a listening ear myself: my mother divorced twice, re-married for a third time and I had to deal with trying to get along with new family members, moving from one place to another more than once, transferring schools, making new friends.
I divorced once myself, re-married and due to my husbands work, relocated even to another country. Finding my biological grandparents, dealing with losing them too soon. Unfortunately, no stranger to psychological and emotional abuse either. Feeling lonely among all those Beautiful Souls here on earth and constantly having to be aware of not getting depressed, I had to go through that too.

Life kept throwing roadblocks on my path and I did not become a psychologist for children. Instead, I studied Social Pedagogy in my twenties and guided children between two and seventeen for three years. In my thirties, I became an animal therapist and up to today, occasionally, I advise people with their dogs.

In 2015 I followed an online study about Nutrition at a Dutch University and during the same year I attended an online workshop regarding the relationship between food and emotional health. Since I always have been interested in why people do what they do, refreshed my knowledge and diploma in basic psychology.

The first half of 2017, I enrolled in a study Existential Well-Being Counseling; a person-centered approach. Completed this successfully and received my certificate June 2017.

2018, the year I found a way to combine my passions, became a Master Coach and started to fulfill my own true purpose.


I shared this all about me, with you, dear reader, because those columns I mentioned at the beginning of this article, helped me through a lot of ordeals. Thankfully, I found my soul-mate and other Beautiful Souls where I can turn to; my personal ‘Mona’s’. Blogging has been kind of a savior for me too: connecting with other Beautiful Souls lights up my heart every single chat. Together with the Beautiful Souls close to me, I was able to create my own Dreampack.

So, like those articles I’ve read as a young girl, I write articles and create posts with the intention to provide insight on how to create a Dreampack and how to Boost Your Soul. In addition, for a period of time, I offer my coaching-programs for FREE*.

Talking to a stranger is sometimes easier.
There a those moments you just need a listening ear,
and in addition, someone who can provide you the tools to
create Your Dreampack, the way YOU choose.

To be YOU: a Beautiful Soul and thrive.

Ready to C.A.R.E. ?

Create ~ Acknowledge ~ Reach out ~ Embrace

My Coaching Programs can be found at the menu-bar underneath the topic Co-Create
or reach out to me via: connect@dreampack.org

I will respond within 48 hours.
from Monday till Saturday

Looking forward to connect!

Patty Wolters
Master Coach
A way Beautiful Souls thrive

Updated October 2018
*I will ask you to write a review, because as they say, the sun only shines for free ?

Acknowledge ;-)

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