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Last month a Beautiful Soul read my personal Manifesto and gave his own spin to it. Writing your personal Manifesto is a creative way to take a good look at yourself and thus self-reflect on your current state of happiness. Are you still thriving? Do you want to change something, is it high time to make some new choices to improve your Dreampack? Most of all, it is a way to find out who you are and if you (still) like what you discover about yourself.

This is Jonathan’s Manifesto:

“I will read to plant seeds of knowledge to breed wisdom untold,
And so bold, I will continue burning with a passion for learning
To be made no one’s fool or hapless tool in the long school of life
In which I will sing the living song so strong
As I carry along within a throng of humanity,
And I will be lovely for all to see, giving smiles to miles of faces,
Playing in rhythm with angels, marching through the cataclysm
Of apocalyptic terror, while fighting ‘n writing for full freedom,
And I will drop to my knees in an unadorned attitude of gratitude,
And stop to enjoy the wonder of fields flowing with bright flowers,
And even though I may blunder what I should say along this way,
I will never rue the day I was born, nor will I be at all forlorn,
But I’ll adorn myself in happy apparel as heaven leavens my soul,
And I will love with love from above, and cheer the cheerless,
With none to mourn, but all to give to live this apropos manifesto.”

Originally posted: HERE (click)

Jonathan David Noble is an essayist, poet, and cultural critic, who currently resides in Dothan, Alabama. Worthwhile to visit him regularly and read his wonderful pieces of art. Recently, he also started to share his personal journey going through major depression.
Another perfect example of how a mental health disease doesn’t define you as a person and with the right help you can start healing again.

Who doesn’t want to meet this Beautiful Soul ? 😉

Jonathan’s website:

Have you written a personal Manifesto, published it and don’t mind me sharing it?
Let me know!

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