Kindness is not always easy to give

Kindness is not always easy to give. I strongly believe knowledge can increase compassion and kindness, however, it can become quite a challenge at times. Some forms of kindness are still a daily challenge for me personally.

Lately, this soul scribble is a lot on my mind:

Being kind towards yourself can be difficult, as also showing kindness towards others. Especially, when you feel hurt. Who hasn’t lashed out after a hurtful remark has been made, or in your eyes an untruth has been told. Let alone, when you have been hurt to your core and trust is damaged.

We are creatures thriving best with like-minded people around us. Not getting along with all our neighbors is in my eyes normal. For me, kindness is also about letting go of those who just don’t click, for whatever reason that may be.

However, at the same time, keep trying to look at people’s heart. To remember, we all live our own story. Compassion,  kindness… our big Dreampack needs more of it. Not just during the holiday season, every day.

Acknowledge ;-)

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3 Responses

  1. I agree with you soul scribble… hard to break the circle and to ‘just be kind, always’ (because everyone is fighting their own battle). But as we keep doing our best to always be kind, there will be healing… ? XX

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