Woop Woop! A whole new year ahead :-)

Woop Woop! A whole new year ahead 🙂 Are you excited too?! So many new adventures waiting, opportunities and marvelous new choices we can make to create a Dreampack. Gather Beautiful Souls around us and make wonderful new connections.

Reflect, set goals, create routines

Before I tell you about my new goals for 2019, I would like to remind you of the important habit of reflection. What went wrong or did you do wrong last year? A whole new year to improve and be (-come) better. Woop Woop!
Don’t forget to reflect on all the beautiful moments and adventures of 2018 either. Be grateful, acknowledge it and take it with you into this new year.

Which leads me to my personal goals. I’ve read about the custom of choosing one focus word. I am a still a Mimosa Pudica, yes, you guessed it probably right… I have more than one. (Or did you expect me to be rebellious again and have none? hihi) This year will for me be about: being weird, connecting, guiding, acknowledging, habits, routines, personal growth and most likely so much more. My goals are going to be connected to these 🙂


Like being me, an unique individual. Thriving best connected to Beautiful Souls, here on our Big Dreampack. A human being, a happily married woman with a dog, a blogger, a Master Coach, creative, open-minded, impulsive and depri at times. Embracing Modern Applied Psychology, as taught by the Academy of Achology. Of course, as we all are, I am so much more.

And so are you!

Don’t let anyone define you by color, race, gender, sexual preference, belief-system. Of course (!),  give your neighbor the same courtesy.

My name is Patty Wolters. For those who didn’t know that yet 😉 There are going to be a few changes at this website, which I will tell you all about soon. For now:

Woop Woop! Happy to be back, here at Dreampack.org and looking forward to connect again!

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7 Responses

  1. Happy 2019 Patty. I’m excited about this new year as well, and it’s delightful to see you ready to embrace it in all your beautiful uniqueness. Here’s to more fun, more joy, more kindness, and lots of happy surprises.

    1. Thank you dear Deborah 🙂 As always, your beautiful recent newsletter is a great motivator too. Happy 2019 on all areas for you too! XxX

Looking forward to connect !

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