Seek understanding for different perspectives

Seek understanding for different perspectives, a new section here on We all have our own values, principles, belief-systems. Inherited, influenced by society, or developed based on individual experiences.

Our big Dreampack is in trouble. Or isn’t it?

The answer to that question depends on who you ask. We all are unique, perceive matters differently and a way to get, at least, along with one and another is to seek understanding.

Every now and then, I am going to post a phrase and ask you to share your thoughts, opinion, believe regarding this phrase. Not with the intend to discuss or validate each others responses. I will adjust, or even delete such comments, but feel free to ‘like’ a response.

Read the phrase, post your thought, opinion and/or belief and help your neighbors and me gain more understanding about all those different ways leading to Rome. Read the comments with an open mind. Maybe you will adjust your own thought, opinion, belief. Maybe not 😉

Adding your name is not mandatory, but it would be nice if you could add where you live now and where you were born. Remember, it’s not about right or wrong. No need to agree, or disagree. It’s about seeking understanding for different perspectives.

Phrase January 09, 2019: Being human is no excuse.

Patty – Germany
Response: Born and raised in The Netherlands, living for five years in Germany. I’ve always have felt a citizen of the world and do my best to respect my neighbors, regardless our differences. However, too often I hear ‘I am only human, thus…’ Being human used as an excuse for ignorance. For not be or do better. So yes, this phrase is true to me.

Seek understanding for different perspectives

Looking forward to read YOUR perspective!

PS: I hope my intend is clear, if not feel free to ask for clarification.

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4 Responses

  1. I agree! Too often I hear this to excuse actions that are simply put…just lazy and in caring! While it is true that we are all limited human beings…we Do have much he abilities to rise above the gutters and give a dam about common decency and do something More than average! Be extraordinary!
    Andrea In Colorado U.S.A.

  2. “Being human” can be an excuse, but then just as a start of a process. A big difference between a human and a machine like a computer is that humans make mistakes, and machines do not… That’s why humans can learn and machines don’t (yet, or only limited in AI). So once we make a mistake, we may say “I’m only human”, which actually acknowledges we are “wrong”, but the next step makes the difference. Do we analyze why we made that mistake and how can we do better in the future? Making mistakes is one of the best ways to get better, but only if we learn from it (and from each other, no need to make the make the same mistake twice) and apply the learnings afterwards.
    Jarno, Germany

  3. suppose it is… (I think sometime it is :-)) – and hé, who am I to judge – then i’m so glad that I AM a human, which means for me that I’m able to think, have learned how and so yes can learn from my mistakes, expericeses etc…. and ofcourse also make the decision to not use my ‘human beeing’ as an excuse.

  4. I wrote something similar before, Patty. I dislike the phrase, “I’m only human…” I think we should rethink and re-phrase this to be “Because I’m human, I will try to…” fill in the blank with whatever better behavior we choose, like see something from another’s point of view, or have empathy for my sister, or whatever the case may be.

Love to connect with my neighbors on our globe :-)

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