Day 3 of the Challenge: Make It Happen! 

No matter our background, upbringing, current situation, gender, age or belief-system, we all question ourselves at times. Finding the answers corresponding to our unique personality, figuring out what lifestyle fits best and fully embrace ourselves can be quite a challenge.

Life is an ongoing process, change inevitable and
the perfect way does not exist. 

From February 4 until February till February 16, I publish in total 12 articles from Monday till Saturday. On Sunday you will have the time to catch up, reflect and decide if, which ones, and how you’re going to implement the tips and tools I share. Enabling you to

Be The Master of Your Life.

Now you have figured out who you ARE and WHY you want to make a change, a new choice, let’s take a look what is holding you back. What could be the reason you are procrastinating, struggling, feel stuck, don’t seem to be able to reach your goal(s).

Often, people say they don’t have the time to prepare healthy meals themselves, or time to exercise. Let alone research what nutrition is good for them individually. Kids have to be brought to school and activity groups, picked up again, household chores, work, social responsibilities, etc.

Could it be you BELIEVE you don’t have the time?

I don’t have the time to “…”, this belief could be the reason you convinced yourself to prioritize other aspects of your life above your overall health. Or the reason you keep procrastinating making an effort to reach your goal(s).

I will address the topic belief-systems later on during this challenge, but for now let’s stick to the belief, you don’t have enough time. Let’s look at your daily routine:

Do you feel more energized after you just woke up, or do you need to de-stress after a day at work? Are your kids creating chaos while getting them ready for school? Is there a space available at work or school, in where you could exercise during right before or after? Do you really need to watch that program at Netflix? Do you really have to go out dining, or visit the cinema every weekend? Just some random examples…

Are you really sure you don’t have the time?

Just like YOUR why, YOUR beliefs are YOURS. Are your decisions making sense to YOU? It is not about the perfect way, since that doesn’t exist. It’s about taking back control, being sure YOU know why you DO or DON’T. It is about YOUR CHOICE. The choice to

Be The Master Of Your Life
Make it Happen !

Remember, upcoming Sunday you could take the time to catch up or re-read all articles of this first week 😉 Feel free to share your thoughts below, or send me an email, if you have questions.

Kind Regards,

Patty Master Your LIfe