Day 7 of the Challenge: Make It Happen! 

No matter our background, upbringing, current situation, gender, age or belief-system, we all question ourselves at times. Finding the answers corresponding to our unique personality, figuring out what lifestyle fits best and fully embrace ourselves can be quite a challenge.

Life is an ongoing process, change inevitable and
the perfect way does not exist. 

From February 4 until February till February 16, I publish in total 12 articles from Monday till Saturday. On Sunday you will have the time to catch up, reflect and decide if, which ones, and how you’re going to implement the tips and tools I share. Enabling you to

Be The Master of Your Life.

Entering the second week of this challenge, I hope you appreciated the first week. Yes, I did mainly focus on mindset. However, after those first 6 articles, I also truly hope you understand why I did. Goals as losing weight and exercise more frequently are great goals to achieve. Without the right mindset, they are going to be just that; goals.

Only YOU can decide if a goal is important enough, if you are willing to do the work to reach your goals. Life is an ongoing process of learning and growth. Sometimes bad things happen, you will fall, make a mistake.

So what?!

Be sad, when you lost someone, or something, important to you. We all need a good cry every now and then. Be angry out of frustration of a mistake. Feel anxious about a new adventure or a new relationship.
Becoming a healthy balanced person isn’t about deluding yourself. It’s about taking responsibility for your own life. Your own health. Accepting that we are all built differently; some are tall, some are tiny, some have more curves. What we all have in common: a unique natural healthy body weight.

If I’d have received a coin, every time a person asked me “aren’t you too skinny? Shouldn’t you eat more?”, I would be rich today. I feel more energized and comfortable in my own skin, just a few pounds below the average BMI for a person of my length/size. Through experience, I know if I gain those pounds or lose even more weight than my natural healthy weight, I will not function as a happy balanced woman.

Common Sense

Don’t strive for the average approach, strive for individuality. There could be a medical reason for you to give up ice-cream, or to walk instead of jogging. Listen to your health-specialist, take your medication if you experience a noticeable improvement. At the same time, dare to ask questions too. Diets and medications are not supposed to make you become even worse. I can’t express it enough:

“What good is for me, doesn’t have to be good for you too.” 

In case there is no medical reason hindering you (temporarily) to be healthy: BECOME healthy. Eat fruit, meat, vegetables, wheat, chocolate, ice-cream, pizza, etc. Drink milk, soda, tea, coffee, water, beer or wine, etc. I don’t need to tell you, consuming junk-food every day is unhealthy. You KNOW what is good for you, what is healthy for you. The tough but honest question when it comes down to health is:

Are you prepared to accept the consequences,
NOT taking good care of your health?!

Oh dear, talking mindset again 😉 Well, it is up to YOU if you want to

Be The Master Of Your Life
Make it Happen!

Missed the first 6 articles? You can read them here: Who ARE You?Why?TimeBodyHabits Belief-systems. Feel free to share your thoughts below, or send me an email, if you have questions.

Kind Regards,

Patty Master Your LIfe