Day 8 of the Challenge: Make It Happen! 

No matter our background, upbringing, current situation, gender, age or belief-system, we all question ourselves at times. Finding the answers corresponding to our unique personality, figuring out what lifestyle fits best and fully embrace ourselves can be quite a challenge.

Life is an ongoing process, change inevitable and
the perfect way does not exist. 

From February 4 until February till February 16, I publish in total 12 articles from Monday till Saturday. On Sunday you will have the time to catch up, reflect and decide if, which ones, and how you’re going to implement the tips and tools I share. Enabling you to

Be The Master of Your Life.

Let’s talk about FOOD 🙂 If there is a topic discussed over endlessly, it is nutrition and thus food plus beverages. So many people, so many opinions. Studies contradict often and what’s true today, may be untrue tomorrow. So first of all:

acknowledge the important FACT we are human beings.

Our species need both animal as vegetable nutrients. That doesn’t mean you can’t be a vegetarian or vegan, it means you have to make sure you add supplements as a substitution for important vitamins. For instance, B12 is only to be found in animal products.

I’ve read a rule, you should drink 8 glasses of water a day. Well, I personally don’t like the taste of water and instead drink a lot of tea. What’s good to know about, per example, green tea: don’t drink more as three to four large glasses. The benefits of antioxidants, also those in green tea, can also cause real problems to your health.

Eat and drink as much pure, natural food and fluids as possible.

Cook your own sauces, stay away from white sugar, most people can’t digest dairy products by nature and even wheat can cause a lot of harm to your health. To me, when healthy, you should respect the specie you are and therefore, a dietary pattern you need to add vitamins and/or minerals on a daily basis, just isn’t right to me.

At the same time, during Autumn and/or Winter take in a (for instance) vitamin D complex, to supplement the decrease of daily sunshine, won’t hurt you either. Eating pure, natural foods doesn’t have to be expensive, preparing your own meals doesn’t have to be difficult or time-consuming, it is delicious and tasteful and your body will thank you noticeable.

Eat or drink = habit

Yes, you guessed it probably already. Talking mindset again 😉 People tend to feel ashamed our guilty, if they turn to junk-food or partied all night long and wake up in the morning with a hangover. Taking responsibility for your life and for yourself, I wrote it earlier in this challenge, is not about becoming a robot.

Of course, again, if a medical reason prohibits you to consume a specific nutrient, whether that is part of something you can eat and/or drink: stay away, leave it! Maybe, you’re addicted to a specific drink (coffee, alcohol, etc). Sugar, chocolate or potatoes could be your addictive choice of food. Find out your WHY, your need to succumb to this habit.

What void do you try to fill? What anxious feeling do you try to eat away? Why do you feel the need to drink yourself numb? Some examples of questions which can lead to the root cause of your habitual behavior.


Gaining weight, losing weight, eating healthier… start with small steps. A good starting point is the 80-20 percent rule on a weekly basis, or even smaller: skipping one unhealthy meal a day. Right or wrong for you… you know! And in case you’re unsure: your body will tell you. When you made the choice to eat that huge pizza slice, that delicious looking ice-cream or that big bowl of French fries, the least you can do is enjoy it to the fullest 😉

Seek guidance, if you know you need someone to hold you accountable. Go to a physician, when you are in doubt of your health. Take back control:

Be The Master Of Your Life
Make it Happen!

Missed the first 7 articles? You can read them here: Who ARE You?Why?TimeBodyHabits Belief-systems – Health. Feel free to share your thoughts below, or send me an email, if you have questions.

Kind Regards,
Patty Master Your LIfe