Did you read the February Challenge?

In case you missed it, or hadn’t time to catch up on all the information yet, hereby an overview of the 12 articles:

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Day 1: Who are you?
Day 2: WHY are you following this challenge?
Day 3: Could it be you BELIEVE you don’t have the time?
Day 4: Your body KNOWS!
Day 5: What habits are holding you back
Day 6: Belief-systems
Day 7: Are you prepared to accept the consequences, NOT taking good care of your health?!
Day 8: Acknowledge the important FACT we are human beings.
Day 9: Let your body and mind do their thing, SLEEP.
Day 10move your butt
Day 11: a few tools and resources
Day 12: final day, final tool

Are you going to take back control and

Be The Master of Your Life?

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