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Great advice again from the marvelous Dr. Katherin E Garland

Great advice again from the marvelous Dr. Katherin E Garland. Katherin and I met in the virtual world a few years ago and have been following each other’s blogs ever since. As good friends do, we understand it’s about quality and thus not quantity. Being occupied with other activities, it’s been a while since I’ve read her articles. To my pleasant surprise she’s starting to explore the benefit of video-conversations too 🙂

The conversations I have watched, reminded me of the two fantastic books she has written. Both added to my personal books-shelve too, worthwhile the few weeks it took to get them delivered to me, here on the other side of ‘the big pond’. Katherin is all about sharing, another quality we have in common.

So on that note…

A must read for women, men, spouses, fathers, mothers…what the heck… for everyone!

The Unhappy Wife and Daddy

click the picture to get re-directed to all info about these!

Watch Katherin being interviewed here (part 1) , here (part 2) and here (part 3 ) and find out why she wrote the books, about the ugly truth of women (and men too) and why a college degree isn’t necessarily something to strive for. Bonus: you get to meet two other lovely ladies: Michelle and LadyG

Don’t care about these topics? (shame on you 😉 ) I KNOW you don’t want to miss out on reading this great advice about social media and Facebook in particular… [READ MORE]

Get inspired by this amazing lady!

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4 Responses

  1. Thanks again Patty! I’ve since removed those videos, but I have started a new Mental Health Matters series with experts in the field; those are on YouTube as well <3

    1. Hi Katherin,
      I’m archiving posts created up to 2020, hence the message of link to my website 😉 Love your new series! XxX

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