It has been a while since I shared an ‘Other Beautiful Post’. Distracted by so many other meaningful activities… catching up with my friends in our virtual world: This year, so far, it hasn’t been as high on my priority list as it used to be.

Don’t I feel terrible about that at times?! Yes, of course. Fortunately, I also know my true friends (and thus also my virtual connections) understand life sometimes demands you to prioritize differently. Thanks to modern techniques I am reminded, if one of these wonderful connections create a beautiful piece of art.

Honored and grateful I inspired one of these dear friends to write this:

Building Blocks of Life

True love awakens my heart while opening my soul

To teachings of the sages in the wisdom of the ages

For me to firmly build my life without so much strife

And Nature adds a mystical touch to the torch of life

That illuminates my steps forward, upward, onward

As I reach new heights over the plights of this world

And these are the strong building blocks of life now

For me here as I travel on with Beauty as the marvel

And centre of the One to whom I most wholly belong

Original published: here

Jonathan was inspired by this article: Mission
Visit this Beautiful Souls virtual place: HERE

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Looking forward to connect !

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