Making the best of that what you can’t control

Making the best of that what you can’t control, might seem easier said than done. Life can be harsh, people can be ignorant and cruel. Although we can control more than many of us seem to be are aware of, there are situations in life we do have to go with the flow. Do we?


We can choose our lifestyle, go through life as healthy as possible to our individual beliefs and needs. Some situations, however, we can’t change from happening. Think of a congenital physical condition, an unforeseen dismissal of work, a sudden loss of a beloved one.

Just before the start of our Summer break I thought I had figured out my next steps on my path to the future. Happily married, a healthy dog, participating in fantastic collaborations, fun plans for the holiday-time. Life, fate, the universe (or however you like to name it) decided to compromise my plans. You can read all about it HERE, the point is: it can happy to anyone.

Making the best of that what you can’t control

Despite all my experiences through life and gained knowledge, just like you dear reader, nothing can really prepare me for some frustrating or scary events. What we CAN control, is the way we tackle them. Although it is of course normal to go through various emotions, it is crucial to keep reminding yourself always having a choice. We can choose not to follow the flow. Since, no matter what, we always remain the master of our own life.

Focus on the most important people in your life, reevaluate
your main values, remember the dreams you want to fulfill:
this will help you take back control of that what you CAN control. 

Having written this, I am happy to inform you that the webinars 80% is Psychology are still happening. With a few adjustments, and thus taking back control 😉 , in my personal World, this collaboration with Mathias Sager continue and I am looking forward to meet you online. Exchanging perspectives, learning and growing together.  

You can find all the information HERE

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Due to unforeseen circumstances, I will have to cancel all online meetings/events, aside from the 80% is Psychology Webinars, until mid September 2019. Thank you for understanding. As always, you can reach me via email.

Acknowledge ;-)

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