Time to get back to business as usual (My Dreampack)

Time to get back to business as usual. After four weeks of high intensive care for one of the members of my personal Dreampack the critical phase has passed. Still, fingers crossed, Joys’ body seems to have adapted the pacemaker. These days of keeping it calm were not easy for this energetic and at times impatient woman 😉

Plans upcoming months

We always have a choice and if made thoughtfully, it’s a matter of carrying out the choice to the best of our abilities. Normally, I would have been taking care of tasks in and around our garden. Since that wasn’t possible for a while, I decided to skip planting and growing autumn and winter vegetables. Preparing the garden for winter in general will take more than enough time as it is and I would like to do other activities too during the last part of this year. 

Besides the garden, the rehabilitation process of Joy will take at least another two months. However, since the season will also send us more indoors, I can slowly pick up where I left off in August. Sharing my personal insights, gained knowledge and providing online guidance also high on my list of priorities. 
In addition, visiting the virtual places of my neighbors is on my list again and since recently, I also created a list to visit Facebook friends on their pages.

Never done learning

As human beings, we are never done learning. The knowledge we would like to gain differs per individual. Recently, I completed a Paleo Nutrition course, almost done with a course about stress and anxiety and next on my list is finishing the 80% is Psychology courses provided by Mathias Sager.

The latter not only for broadening my perspectives and grow in Awareness Intelligence: since August Mathias and I have decided to collaborate, meaning I will be more actively involved @ mathias sager School & Advisory. At the moment, we are updating the website in general, including the e-Learning section. Fine-tuning the layout to make the online platform functional for tablet and mobile view too. Very excited about this new collaboration 🙂

Though decisions

Life can be harsh or take unexpected turns. The way we address these kind of roadblocks is all up to us. To Be The Master Of Your Life, you can only do your best and make tough decisions based on the knowledge at hand. Estimate the consequences of your choices as well as reasonably possible, keeping in mind that most choices are adjustable. 

For me that means postponing the course Justice and a couple of books on my reading list. Fortunately, I don’t have to make too hard decisions and only have to schedule wisely upcoming weeks to be able to do all the ‘must-do’s’ and the ‘wish-to-do’s’. 

Time to get back to business as usual

Despite what many of my neighbors believe, structure creates freedom. My plans and activities thoughtfully listed does provide clarity in my mind and a relaxed feeling in general. Time to get back to business as usual; being a human being and connecting globally again. Developing my personal and virtual Dreampack further, being The Master Of My Life. 

Looking forward to read and listen to all your current and future plans. Until soon!

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