General notification regarding my website. Change is inevitable and without growth, we all would still live in caves. Many of you have seen my website evolve too, changing from using my native language Dutch into the use of English. From sharing personal stories and articles about holistic animal advice, into the content I provide these days.

Letting go

It is part of life too, letting go. Of beloved ones due to death, of relationships due to changing phases, of no longer serving beliefs and feelings, etc.
For years, I’ve run my website under the URL and I’ve decided to let go of that link. Not an easy decision, since the name is inspired by our love for dogs. Although, I am convinced we will invite other furry friends in our Dreampack, in the future, and the section Dreampack will still be part of my website, there is more to be found here, in this virtual place, I’ve created.

General notificaton

Hence, this general notification. Although, I updated the links on all pages, it is possible you will find links in articles (posts) directing to More importantly, if you would like to stay connected and also like my creations, make sure you add the new URL to your reading-list, favorite bookmarks or (rss-)reader.

As always, your connection is highly appreciated and I sincerely hope you will stay connected. Creating new content as we speak, looking forward to connect soon again!
The new URL of my website: 

Or stay connected and up-to-date via: Facebook or

Acknowledge ;-)

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Connect with me and your neighbors...

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Love to connect with my neighbors on our globe :-)

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