A weekend to add to our memories.

A weekend to add to our memories. Quality time to reflect, plan and re-energize at the coast. After the roller coast of emotions and ending up losing our dog Joy to sudden and thus soon, we needed this weekend 😉

During lunch a beautiful Seagull kept us company 🙂

Walking along the sea, we passed a mother with her daughter. The latter dragged a closed umbrella with her over the sand. A few meters further on we came across these written words:

Joy was here

We took it as a message from Joy and the universe: She will always be with us, it’s OK to have fun (again).

In the future, we will provide a loving home for other dogs again. Maybe next week, maybe in a few months. As soon as we are both ready, we will know. If we learned anything over the last years: how important it is to listen to your gut-instincts.

Patty Strand

Definitely, this was a weekend to add to our memories. We went for much needed quality time. We came back strengthened in our vision regarding our personal lifestyle. What more can a person wish for 😉

Inspired? We stayed @ the Kurhaus in Schevening, The Netherlands.

Acknowledge ;-)

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6 Responses

  1. so lovely in every way. the more we love, the more difficult it is to accept their having passed. how I wish my dear Pierre & Lola were still here. at least you & can understand each other…

    1. Indeed, dear da-Al. Jourdy, Nikki and Joy will remain in my heart for ever (as all other previous furry friends). Thanks for stopping by again, big hug! XxX

  2. Wow, what a beautiful sign from the universe (Joy) to let you know she/everything is oke.. all is energy! xx

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