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Next week – November 18, 2019 – The importance of connection
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4 Responses

    1. Heee, die lieve Marije 🙂 Wat leuk dat je weer eens bij mij langs vliegt. Ben het bloggen en lezen weer langzaam aan het oppakken, zal binnenkort ook jouw virtuele plekje bezoeken. Fijn weekend! XxX

  1. I love the quote and wholeheartedly agree! Life without empathy ~ in both empathetic giving and receiving ~ is really rather empty. I believe true empathy is really a form of genuine love.

    1. Without empathy, love is ’empty’. Empathy leads to seeking understanding for another and thus accepting the difference. So yes, love and empathy are absolutely intertwined. Thank you dear Jonathan for your thoughtful response. XxX

Looking forward to connect !

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