In the weeks up to my end-of-the-year-vacation, I will publish once a week a post regarding the topic connection. In the hope to inspire you to reflect on your connections. With yourself, with your beloved ones, with our planet. The last post will be on December 23, the day my end-of-the-year-vacation-time start. By that time I hope I’ve strengthened some of my connections and maybe even gained some. I wish that for you too.

Recap Week 1

According to the dictionary, connection is about the act of connecting or the connection in itself. To me, connection is about our consciousness, our core value and energy:

Conscious(ness): we know we know. We know what is right and what is wrong. 
Integrity: no need to lie to yourself or others. And it will lead to authenticity, honesty, trust, compassion, empathy, etc. 
Energy: the binding factor. Between your core value and your conscious. Between you and humanity. Between you and the world around you.

Is connection really that important?

The common conception is that human beings thrive better amongst other humans. I distinguish a bit from this belief. For pure basic survival, we humans need each other to procreate and thus multiply as a species. Nowadays, thanks to modern techniques, we don’t even need to connect literally anymore. Our ancestors probably even used each other’s body heat to stay warm, again, nowadays, that is no longer a necessity. Therefore, I came to the conclusion, we human beings thrive better amongst other living creatures.

Any living creature can provide us the perception not being alone.

Still, we keep putting a lot of value on connection and thus believe it is important for our existence. Hence, there is something else important about connection…

Through experience I learned that I can survive on my own, however, on my own, isn’t really on my own. We live in the 21st century and to get my basic needs as food, clean water, clothes, shelter, I need other human beings. In addition, as much as I love myself and the person I am, most of the time 😉, I prefer to receive love (and give it!). Which to me is genuine interest in me as a person, acknowledgment and acceptance of the unique individual I am.

Coming back to our procreating as a species, we might no longer need another human being for it. Another person cannot make you thrive, if you’re not willing. Yet, to evolve as humans, to exchange perspectives, to expand our knowledge and grow as a unity, we do need connection.

For individual and collective survival, evolving and overall well-being, connection is important.

Yes, it is wise to retreat from the world every now and then, to connect with your body, mind and soul. Exploring the reason you’re out of balance, or concluding you are still in alignment with your uniqueness. Without genuine interest in each other, acknowledging, accepting and thus loving one and another, connection will be meaningless.

You know I love to connect 😉 Tell me, why is connection important to you?

Intro post: Are you ready to connect?
Week 1:  Definition Connection
Next week – November 25, 2019 – How to connect

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