In the weeks up to my end-of-the-year-vacation, I will publish once a week a post regarding the topic connection. In the hope to inspire you to reflect on your connections. With yourself, with your beloved ones, with our planet. The last post will be on December 23, the day my end-of-the-year-vacation-time start. By that time I hope I’ve strengthened some of my connections and maybe even gained some. I wish that for you too.

How to connect

In week two I wrote about the importance for us human beings of connection and concluded: ‘For individual and collective survival, evolving and overall well-being, connection is thus important.’ Today, I would like to share my thoughts on how to connect.

Connections can be made in different ways. Via the use of words; spoken or written language. Body language is another way to connect. We have access to various tools as phones and internet, per example, to set up connections. To my perspective, we also use our consciousness and core value integrity to build connections plus use and tap into the energy which connects us all.

How you connect also depends, I believe, on the level of meaningfulness you desire of a connection. People come and go in our life, even the connection with family isn’t always a given. Your taste for and/or interest in things can change during your life. Due to our uniqueness, the depth of connections on a universal level can differ too.

Quality above quantity

You probably do agree with me, that a connection with whomever or whatever should be based on quality first and quantity second. Still, I observed many of us (including myself for years) wondering why their connections don’t reach out at least equally as much to them. Do we secretly expect people to engage with us, as frequently as we do? Do we disconnect, as soon as our expectations of the connection are not met?

Connection is thus not only about the language we use, or the tools like phones, emails, etc. The moment I realized connection is also about our core value integrity, I started to focus on quality above quantity again. To me, it doesn’t matter if you have a few friends or many contacts. The amount of connection has also become less important to me: we all are occupied with surviving, evolving and being well. What matters, each time you do connect with someone or something…to do it with integrity, creating that meaningful connection we all desire.

Recently, I heard of a belief that when two people kiss, they inhale each other’s soul. What a beautiful belief, right? Connecting with someone or something, you tap into and thus in a way inhale each other’s energy. Hence, the intention behind your reason to connect is even more important.

Don’t focus on the amount or frequency, focus on the intention, integrity and thus quality.

Only you can decide if a connection with yourself, with other people or things, with the world around you, is important enough to you to create a memorable connection. Regardless, if that is casual or long-term connection. Only you can decide if a connection is going to be meaningful.

Connection is also about exchanging perspectives. Tell me, what is yours regarding this topic?

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Thank you for staying connected! 

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