In the weeks up to my end-of-the-year-vacation, I will publish once a week a post regarding the topic connection. In the hope to inspire you to reflect on your connections. With yourself, with your beloved ones, with our planet. The last post will be on December 23, the day my end-of-the-year-vacation-time start. By that time I hope I’ve strengthened some of my connections and maybe even gained some. I wish that for you too.

Modern Society

Being 47 myself, I grew up as a child without the internet and mobile phones. Appointments to play together and thus connect were made on the playground at school. No WhatsApp messages to send love notes; you left a written message (with hearts) on a piece of paper secretly in someones jacket or school-bag. 

In my environment, I was one of the first who started to use email, MySpace, Hyves and WordPress. Many people still prefer ‘live’ connection, since you’re able to touch and feel each others’ energy. Of course, I too like a big hug and it is indeed often easier to understand the intention behind communication. At the same time, I do believe it is possible to build meaningful connections via the tools of our modern society like WordPress, Facebook, etc. 

Various Tools

Regardless if you connect in person, choose written or virtual connection, the most important tools we have at our disposal are to me our Conscious(ness), Integrity and Energy. It has been the main thread in this Connection series. To me, Integrity is our Core Value. However, we depend on more values to build meaningful connections. Deriving from this Core Value and at the same time important for connection are values as Honesty, Trust and Empathy. This short video, I created earlier this year, will help you identify your main values:

Knowing your main values, will not only help you to Be The Master Of Your Life. Think of them right now: do you realize that even your main values are connected? You can do a similar exercise, as described in the video, with just one of your values. In the spirit of this series; what is connected to YOUR perception of Connection?


For me, one of the main values connected to Connection is Respect. We don’t have to agree with all and everyone. Besides sticking to the law, we do not have to do anything. It is even written in the Universal Human Rights: 

“All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights.
They are endowed with reason and conscience and should
act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.”

Act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood equals Respect. The ‘brother’ stands for me, for all living creatures. Respectfully agree or disagree, I believe is a key to live in harmony. We don’t have to, it’s a choice. It will not be a surprise: I do agree, we should 😉


No matter our background, belief-system, gender, age, etc… Connection is important for our species. What connection means to us individually will differ. As also what tools we choose to connect through. Phone, mobile, internet, letters, cards, energy, in person… only YOU can choose to use these tools in a meaningful way. has moved to (
Did you make the change in your Reader?
Thank you for staying connected! 

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