Seven weeks ago, I started a weekly series regarding the topic Connection. I sincerely hope you enjoyed all posts, reflected on your own perspectives towards Connection.  More importantly, today, I hope my wish came true and your strengthened (some of your) connections and maybe even gained a few.

Quick Overview

Our connection to the universe, the world we live in and the energy we all tap into each day happens automatically. In what manner we connect differs. Life is not always easy, it can be harsh at times and also connections can be difficult to make and maintain. Only YOU can decide if a connection is worthwhile pursuing.

I created below overview in which you can read my perspectives regarding Connection. Explore, reflect and don’t hesitate to connect 😉

Are you ready to Connect?
The importance of Connection
How to Connect
Perspectives from your neighbors
Are you disconnected?
Various Tools

My annual two weeks of vacation have started by the time you read this. Besides spending quality time with beloved ones, I’ll also be busy developing new ideas for this website. Like we humans do, my website keeps evolving. Upcoming year, 2020, the focus will be even more on Connection.

Connection with other Beautiful Souls, because When Souls Connect amazing collaborations rise and meaningful connections can be made. In addition, the connection to life (the former Dreampack section) is a section I’m going to revive, based on my philosophy and vision.

Final Wishes

I hope this series, as also my website, inspired you to Connect. With yourself, with others, with our world, with life.
I love to connect and already look forward to welcome you back in January 2020. Until then:

Stay Connected...

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3 Responses

  1. Hi Patty, love the way you’ve restructured your website. It’s been so long since I’ve last visited but I’m happy that we continue to chat now and again on Facebook. I can hardly wait to dive into this series because it will be a nice addition to some of my reading and spiritual growth. Merry Christmas and wishing you a Happy New Year! 🤗🎄💗

Looking forward to connect !

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