Root Cause, Solution and Connect

The new year has started, a new decade is in the making. Time to pick up blogging again and more importantly; Connecting! Hope you all had a peaceful beginning of 2020 and are already sparkling, building new fun and wonderful memories. 

Root Cause, Solution and Connect

During our staycation, I’ve been busy adjusting my website. Leaving ‘Dreampack’ behind, my focus will not change that much. Having had lots of time to observe again, as also to reflect, I believe it’s important to keep expanding knowledge. Exploring the root cause of issues, looking for solutions. In addition, and above all, to Connect with Life and Beautiful Souls. 

Life Connection means to me, live in such manner
in which all natural needs of you, as a unique human being,
are fulfilled in the 21st century, without forgetting the valuable lessons
nature and our ancestors taught us. 

Life Connection (former Dreampack) and Soul Connection (Beautiful Souls/When Souls Connect) is what I’m about and also this upcoming year, I’m going to share similar posts as before. Here and there a different layout or name. The section ‘Other Beautiful Posts‘, ‘Inspiring Quotes‘ and creating poetry with my dear friend Manuel will definitely stay a part of my virtual home. 

Every now and then, updates of my personal world and thoughts regarding Life Connection will also be a part of my virtual creations again. In case you would like to Become The Master Of Your Life, I’m still available for guidance; to help you find the answers you’re looking for yourself 😉

A new year, a new decade

The past we take with us into the future and only today we can decide what we leave behind, let go of. The past can be a root cause of present issues and diving into root causes will lead to helpful solutions. Experience taught me it is wise to keep an eye on the future and ask yourself where you want to be in ten years. Without change, we will not grow. Without well thought-out choices we keep living in the past. Based on our core value integrity, using our conscious and tapping into the energy that drives and bonds us all…meaningful life can be built and meaningful connections can be made.

Having written this, the future we create in the present. Are your resolutions for the new year solutions? Have you dived into the root cause of whatever you’re not content with? In case you missed it, I did create a series end 2019 which might help you to Connect with Life again: CLICK

You know, I love to Connect…tell me: Are you READY for 2020 ?

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Looking forward to connect !

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