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Other Beautiful Post – for Australia

The first ‘Other Beautiful Post’ of 2020 was not hard to choose. In addition to acknowledging the talented Girl with the Paw Print Tattoo, it provided me the opportunity to ask your support for Australia too. As you know, I believe When Souls Connect amazing collaborations can arise. More importantly, we can do so much good for each other as neighbors in our big world. 

Girl with the Paw Print Tattoo

You can find the ‘Other Beautiful Post’ here: click 
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Other supporters

After a bit of research, I’m happy to be able to confirm, that the above Girl is not the only neighbor of us, who’ve taken steps to support Australia: 

The organization I personally support for years is assisting in taking care of animals: WAP

In this article, you can read how the world has responded and stepped up: click

And yes, billionaires donate too. Some needed a bit of persuasion, but hey…better late, than never, right?! click

A good overview of ways to help:

Australian Bushfires: How to Help Firefighters, Evacuees and Animals: click

I sincerely hope, if you didn’t already, you will support our neighbors in Australia too. As mentioned in the ‘Other Beautiful Post’, even a small amount will help.

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