I am a compassionate researcher, philosopher, blogger, guidance practitioner. Passionately connecting (off- and online) with people on a global scale, for the purpose to exchange knowledge, experiences and perspectives. My personal building stones are the wisdom of our ancestors and of nature. In addition, the knowledge and technology of the 21st century. By sharing these building blocks and offering guidance through my website, I aim to inspire my fellow Human Beings to Connect.

To remind you, you are not alone and to bring awareness to this subject, but especially for all you dear Beautiful Souls who are feeling depressed, I’ve created this compilation in 2017. Depending on the level of the depression you are going through, there are various ways to climb out of the dark valley, within you find yourself captured.

This poem my dear friend Manuel and I created in 2016, we both know the feeling everything seems senseless very well and how important it can be to go forward second by second, minute by minute, step by step:


The incapacity to continue living was growing
The WILL to continue the never-ending battle was slowing.
The gloomy haze was clouding my judgment
I felt ready to face my final judgment.
The thought was getting stronger
I couldn’t stop the urge any longer.

Looking down at the people below
No longer grasping their flow
On top of this roof I felt so cold
An emptiness nobody told
Could ever overwhelm
My core, my soul
Lost without a goal
ready to leave the realm

Complex questions started to possess my understanding
Looking down on them, I didn’t understand
“Why I feel this way and they did not?
Why are my thoughts and emotions full of knots?
Do they feel like I do now?
Do they have the courage to end it all, like I?”
So now I cry.

Through my tears the crowd became undefinable
The pain, the loneness undeniable
“Is it courage to end it all?
Will I feel enlightened during my fall?”
The sun and moon exchanged light
Surrounded by darkness and silence
My Inner-Child screaming to fight
“Bravery comes with reliance!”
Dare I to trust?

“Come to us, in here you will no longer crawl.”
The torment of their offerings were tempting my soul
I was getting determined to jump.
“Wait,” a soft childish voice said
“I hurt too, but I endure.”
I looked everywhere, but nobody was there
I realized the voice was coming from within.

My skin tingled, my feet started to move away
Away from the edge of the roof
still yearning for proof
I could hear my heart beating
“Was my Inner-Child cheating?
Should I come back another day?”

Moonlight fading, the soft voice became stronger
With the rising of the sun the desire no longer
to end it all, my soul hurting still
hope aroused slightly, so I WILL
again try to fight
At least until
the next night


Emotionsoflife  &  Mimosa Pudcia

The original compilation, a collaboration of Beautiful Souls who also know what Depression is all about, you can find here: CLICK

Remember: YOU ARE NOT ALONE !!

Need to talk to someone ASAP? Visit this site: IASP

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5 Responses

  1. This is a powerful message that hits close to home. Not only have I been there… but I live in Colorado….which has one of the highest suicide rates in America.
    No one can really understand how they got to that point. With me.. After I was cured of cancer… I think it’s all the fears of that monster coming back, along with all the changes in my body. The treatments sent me headlong into menopause, and my body just wasn’t really ready for that.
    I say that, because it helps to have a tangible, physical, cause you can see and issue. But I also know how frightening it is to fight demons and ghosts in the dark.
    That’s why I started blogging. I use it to purge out the fear and take back control of my feelings, and hopefully help someone else who struggles to look up….see that they are not alone.
    I still struggle with depression ….. but messages like this…. inspire me to dig deeper and face myself… and send my voice and experience out there… without shame.
    I Thank You.
    I don’t quite understand just what you do ….. but you’re making a wonderful difference in this dark world.
    May God Bless You Abundantly for all you do.
    And may you never be afraid of the monster under your bed !?
    Be Blessed…Andrea
    P.S. I re-blogged this on my site. It needs to be shared with everyone.

    1. Dear Andrea,
      Thank you for your heartwarming words. Your story inspires me to continue doing, what I am doing.
      Overcoming so many rocks thrown at your journey and still managing to step forward, taking back control of what you can control, you truly are an inspiration for many others. Thank you for sharing that.
      As for what I do, you can read it here:
      I am creating a specific program for people who struggle with their emotions, I aim to have it finished next week.
      In addition to coaching, I also blog/write. Feel free to explore my website some more.
      And don’t hesitate to connect with me, if you would like to talk some more.
      Thanks again for the re-blog. Sending you a big hug! XxX

Looking forward to connect !

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