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Sometimes you wake up, or go to bed, and all you can think of are all the tasks and responsibilities still on your to-do list. No need to explain that this can lead to stress, however, you might feel stuck, anxious, overwhelmed and even depressed not knowing where to start. Stress is also the cause of physical and mental problems; the reason why health issues are called disease. Let’s get practical, dive into the root cause of stress and look for solutions to decrease it.


We ALL have to deal with stress. It’s a natural reaction when your life is threatened. The cause can be a lion, a mosquito with a deadly virus, a disease, war, inescapable fire, the death of a loved one, losing your job or trying to get a new one, lack of money, discrimination, loneliness… Small problems, big problems, resulting in stress. I’m certain you can give many more examples of causes that lead to stress in your life.

Stress is NOT healthy, however, acknowledging you too are stressed regularly, is nothing to be ashamed of.


Let’s get practical by acknowledging you experience stress, find yourself in a stressful situation or environment and look for solutions to deal with it. I’m not claiming I have all the answers. Unfortunately, I haven’t got a magic staff or cure to solve everything. In addition, we are all unique human beings with our own stories. What is good for me, isn’t automatically good for you. What I CAN do, is share a few of my solutions. In the hope you will take the steps yourself to decrease your stress.

Let's get practical

Some days, I feel I do not have enough time to finish all the tasks on my to-do list. Hence, the thought my life will not be long enough, even crosses my mind every now and then. My solution is writing down the hours in a day: filling in the hours I sleep and eat, to realize I still have about eleven hours for my tasks and responsibilities. Next, I review my to-do list and complete the responsibilities most important to me and the tasks that causes me the most stress, of that day and/or week. This helps me to feel less overwhelmed and thus less stressed. 

Still one of my favorite questions I ask, to challenge my own thoughts, beliefs, perspectives: “How do you know it is true?’.  Are your concerns realistic, are there really no solutions… Checking facts, researching for valuable knowledge can help decrease uncertainties, insecurities and thus stress. Reaching out to beloved ones or specialists for guidance and help to feel less lonely and powerless, again, will decrease stress.

Don’t forget to Boost Your Soul either (read more) and start decreasing your level of stress today, by asking yourself:

What do I do to reduce my level of stress?

Ps… Make your to-do list more fun: 

Acknowledge ;-)

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