Are you ready to connect? Week 1

Upcoming 7 weeks I will publish weekly a post regarding the topic connection. In the hope to inspire you to reflect on your connections. With yourself, with your beloved ones, with our planet. The last post will be on July 01 and by that time I hope you’ve strengthened some of your connections and maybe even gained some.

Definition of connection

As a starting point, I always look up definitions for words in a dictionary. You’ll find definitions as ‘the act of connecting’, ‘the state of being connected’, ‘relationship’, ‘something that connects’, ‘a person connected with another’, ‘a set of persons associated together’.

When I personally describe connection, I think of energy and bond. Energy is, to me, the binding factor for any connection and through connection we bond with someone or something.

My personal definition explained

As human beings, we developed (a) consciousness. In addition, as a species we inherited the core value integrity. Regardless if we have been given this by (a) God, cultivated it through evolution randomly or due to a mysterious purpose, that consciousness is our tool to distinguish between right and wrong. Being unique individuals, integrity is what we all possess by nature.

With our tool consciousness and core value integrity, we can build a meaningful life for ourselves, for others and thus also meaningful connections.

Have we forgotten these natural components of us humans? Have you? I truly believe relying on your consciousness plus core value will lead to being honest with yourself and with others. Trustworthy, compassionate, kind, empathic will be results of leaning into your integrity and using your conscious based on it.

“Energy cannot be created or destroyed. It can only be changed from one form to another.” Albert Einstein.

Call it divine, think of it as the building stone of all that lives, the force, the motor: Energy is what all of us daily tap into. Plants grow by energy, animals thrive on energy, machines move via energy, you name it; all are connected and driven by energy. As we are also as human beings and as also are connections between human beings.

The conscious we developed plus the energy we can sense, or feel, will guide you to connect or not connect with someone or something.That someone, it doesn’t automatically imply you connecting with another. Yes, we humans thrive better among other living creatures, however, the connection with yourself has to be in good shape too.

Whether you need an improved connection with yourself, with someone or something else, with the world around you, relying on this will provide you the power to make the right choice in building meaningful connections. Bonds, which serve you as a unique individual.

Conscious(ness): we know we know. We know what is right and what is wrong. Integrity: no need to lie to yourself or others. And it will lead to authenticity, honesty, trust, compassion, empathy, etc. Energy: the binding factor. Between your core value and your conscious. Between you and humanity. Between you and the world around you.

Tap into it, lean on it, use it wise and start connecting TODAY. How would you define connection? Tell me, you know I love to connect 😉

Intro post: Are you ready to connect?
Next week – May 27, 2020 – The Importance of Connection

[Originally published during Nov/Dec 2019]

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10 Responses

  1. Hi Patty, Thank you for this wonderfully insightful and relevant topic – connection. It seems to me that each of us has a different notion of what connection is to us personally and that is the whole beauty in the idea of connection. It has been something I have been thinking about considerably for the last couple of weeks given I took some major steps in this area of the course of this area. From someone who lived a very solitary life I jumped into social media earlier this and had a whirlwind of interesting experiences to totally confuse me about connection. At this time, I am beginning to realize that the best definition of connection for me is in alignment with Equanimity. A sense of equality, clarity, understanding, and empathic compassion for another without losing myself in the process. Hoping to strengthen my understanding as I journey with you on this topic 🙂

  2. Wonderful! This has actually been on my mind lately, as I have decided to move back into town/community. For some months now, I’ve been isolated. I have lived in the beautiful countryside where all is quiet and peaceful. This has been a blessings, yet I’ve largely lived apart from humanity, and this has definitely not been good. I’ve lost my connections, and I can’t help but recall that famous old saying, “No man is an island unto himself.” Also, I’ve always noted the common origin of the English words “community,” “communication,” and “communion.” Really all three overlap. We cannot have community without communication (of some meaningful sort.) We cannot have communion outside or apart from community. And real, meaningful communication can only take place within some form of real community. These three are really three faces of … well, connection! Thank you so much for this particular blog, Patty, and I look forward to the others in the near future!

    1. Gratitude for connecting again, dear Jonathan. Knowing bits and pieces, I believe it was a wise choice to retreat for a while and find yourself again. People come and go in life for various reasons, remember, it is never too late to start building connections again. Pleased my thoughts are helpful. Big hug! XxX

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