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Other Beautiful Posts – June 2020

Since I created a Publications and Resources page, I receive every now and then a request to add a link, website, etc. to that page. I figured, if I start to honor those kind of requests, the page could become huge in the future. So, I’ve decided to add such links to my ‘Other Beautiful Posts’ articles 🙂

Your creations

Normally, I select websites, blogs, posts and other creations myself for this section on my website. However, I’ve been distracted (yeah, again 😀 ) with other stuff, forgot to bookmark your wonderful creations I’ve read, so today I share links requested by visitors of my website…


Alex, Community Outreach Specialist of ReHabSpot.com asked me to share the following page:

DIY Garden

Rachel of DIY Garden asked me to share a link to this guide:


Luis of Whistleblower Info asked me to share a link to their website:

Consumer safety

Peter of Consumer Safety Guide requested I mentioned their website:

INLP Center

Trisha, Administrative Assistant of INLP Center, asked me to link to this article: 

And/or read my article about this subject 😉 Living a good life – Still unhappy


Morgan, Engagement Team Member , of Mesothelioma requested a mentioning of this page:

Check out the links to find out if there is something of interest to you. Acknowledgment is important, hence I share the creations of my neighbors every now and then. Would you like yours on my website? Feel free to connect 😉 

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Note: I am not an affiliate nor do I receive any form of payment for sharing content provided by other authors, organisations, etc. The resources I choose to share, I sincerely believe are worthwhile to explore. Which by the way, doesn’t mean I endorse all provided info.
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Acknowledge ;-)

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