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My version of shout outs will return soon!

My version of shout outs will return soon! It’s my way of thanking followers of my virtual home. Acknowledgement is so important, even more important than you might think…

Beautiful Souls

Living in harmony is unfortunately no longer a given. It even seems the frustration, anger and violence still continues to increase worldwide. Still, because I already wrote about it many years ago. As, unfortunately, lots of other people have for centuries. Why I believe acknowledgement is important, and how I do my best to show kindness to fellow human beings, you can read here: Beautiful Souls

Stay Connected

As you can also read in that article, to support writers/bloggers it is, I feel, a small gesture to click the follow button on, or subscribe to, a website of your interest.

High time I walk the talk myself again. Therefor, I decided to bring back the shout outs, a bit more simple as in the past to keep it doable for myself time-wise. For those Beautiful Souls who take that tiny step and acknowledge my virtual home.

Would like a shout out too?

Please, don’t send me an email requesting to share a link to an article or website from you. That has unfortunately become too time consuming, to grant all those requests. I still select creations every now and then to share and publish in the ‘Other Beautiful Posts’ section. Always open to collaborations, which means to me, creating art or articles together.

My version of shout outs will return soon!

To have me creating a shout out for your website or blog, all you have to do is to subscribe/follow my virtual home. Later this week, I will publish the first one 🙂

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Acknowledge ;-)

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