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Do you collaborate as a blogger?

Today I was thinking of a dear friend I’ve collaborated with in the past frequently and it reminded me of the fun of collaborating as bloggers. Do you collaborate as a blogger? Let me show you a few examples of what you could do…


A few weeks after I started to write in English, here at my virtual home in 2016, a Beautiful Soul reached out to me and I got involved in a poetry project. That adventure has ended, however, it led to wonderful connections. In addition, it gave me the courage to write poetry in English and on my website you can find poems, created with a dear friend of mine.

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More of our poetry collaborations you can find: HERE


Many coaches, counselors and other skilled helpers are present online, providing fabulous content full of tips and tools to inspire you to grow your mindset. I collaborated in the past, being a skilled helper myself, with coaches on several occasions. 

photograph copyright Sara Abou El Ella

With the help of other creative bloggers, the following collaboration arose.


Via blogging, visiting each others virtual homes,  you can build meaningful connections and thus friendships. 

Logo Article with Kally

With one of those friends, I recently created an article regarding unemployment during pandemic times.

Do you collaborate as a blogger?

Soul Connection with others is important for us human beings, hence I aim to inspire you to Connect to Others. When Souls Connect wonderful creations can develop, resulting in inspirational pieces of art. Whether that is poetry or other content.

Reach out today, acknowledge each others talent and feel free to connect with me, when you have an idea for a collaboration 😉

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  1. You have a marvellous timing, Patty. I’ve just put “find a blog to collaborate with” on my to-do list. Not for now, but the theme’s in the air. Maybe we could join forces one day in the not too far future? 🙂

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