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There are times, with everything happening in life and on our globe, I can feel a bit melancholic. Fortunately, there are also songs that are perfect for those moments. As it is OK to be not OK every now and then, it is also OK to listen to songs that embrace your mood…


Life isn’t just always joyful and, it can even be harsh at times. It might be cliché, however, I truly believe we need the light and the darkness. The yin and yang, the good and the bad. That’s why I also believe it is important to embrace both positives as limitations. Of Life, of Others, of Yourself. It is OK to be not OK every now and then 😉

This week’s Soul Music choice still gets to me, right into my soul. The lyrics, the music, the voice. Although, I listen to the song when feeling depri, I still  like to believe, we as a human race, are not just another borderline case. It helps me to remember, why I do what I do, here on my virtual home.

Do you also have favorite songs or music pieces that can not only Boost Your Soul, but touch you deeply within?

Barricades - Spandau Ballet


Mother doesn’t know where love has gone
She says it must be youth
That keeps us feeling strong
I see it in her face, that’s turned to ice
And when she smiles she shows the lines of sacrifice

And now I know what they’re saying
‘Cause our sun begins to fade
And we made our love on wasteland
And through the barricades

Father made my history
He fought for what he thought
Would set us somehow free
He taught me what to say in school
I learned it off by heart
But now that’s torn in two

And now I know what they’re saying
In the music of the parade
We made our love on wasteland
And through the barricades

Born on different sides of life
We feel the same and feel all of this strife
So come to me when I’m asleep
We’ll cross the line
And dance upon the street

And now I know what they’re saying
There’s the drums begin to fade
We made our love on wasteland
And through the barricades
Oh, turn around and I’ll be there
Oh, there’s a scar through my heart but I’ll bare it again
Oh, I thought we were the human race
But we were just another borderline case
And the stars reach down and tell us
There’s always one escape

Oh, I don’t know where love has gone
And in this trouble land
Desperation keeps us strong
Friday’s child is full of soul
With nothing left to lose, there’s everything to go

And now I know what they’re are saying
It’s a terrible beauty we’ve made
So we make our love on wasteland
And through the barricades

Now I know what they’re are saying
As hearts go to their graves
We made our love on wasteland
Oh, and through the barricades

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There are many ways to Boost Your Soul and music is a fantastic one. There are a variety of genres you can listen to, even Soul Music is a genre in itself. To me, music is also a way to Connect with your Soul. A tool to help you go through emotions and acknowledge them. Depending on your mood, there will be always a piece of art that goes along with it. What I love most about music is how it can Connect people.

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  1. I’m starting to think we have more and more in common – my own post for tomorrow features a song that gets to me every time I listen to it.
    This one is a beauty, Patty. Thank you for sharing it with us.

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