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In the spirit of this week’s theme, Big Bang, I chose an Other Beautiful Post created by a neighbor of ours. Peter is one of the Beautiful Souls who has been visiting my virtual home for a long time and has seen it grow into what it is today. A great poet and writer and I hope you enjoy his art as much as I do…

Duidelijke taal / language loud and clear / deutliche Sprache / langue créative / dúdlike taal

by Peter Bouchier

duidelijke taal
de oerkreet van de Schepping
een gesproken woord

language loud and clear
by a single spoken word
Creation was born

ein einziges Wort
und die ganze Schöpfung lebt
deutliche Sprache

Création est née
par un seul mot prononcé
langue créative

mei dúdlike taal
kaam de Skepping tot libben
troch in inkeld wurd

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Acknowledgement is more important than you might think. It is not about approving, it’s about empowering and showing appreciation. Virtual social platforms are perfect for that. In addition, for me, it is also about staying aware of the fact that we all human beings, striving to thrive, each in our unique way. Seeking understanding for each others differences, can only lead to a more peaceful world for us all.

Therefore, I hope you challenge yourself to keep reaching out to and Connect with Beautiful Souls out there. Don’t hesitate to link a Beautiful Post you created, or did read, in the comments below. 

Don’t forget to visit Peter’s website here: CLICK 

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