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Inspiring Quote by Beyoncé

Every now and then I share a quote I come across in our virtual world. The reason I do this, since I find quotes to be inspiring, thought provoking and/or a boost for the soul.

This quote I published before and it still inspires me. Somehow, it also comforts me and thus boosts my soul:

Inspiring Quote Beyoncé 2021

More quotes which touch me personally, you can find HERE (click).

Connect with me and let me know, what you think of the above quote by Beyoncé…

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2 Responses

  1. That’s a beautiful way of looking at forgiveness.
    I once read: Forgiveness is not saying: “what you did to me was okay”, it’s saying: “what you did to me was NOT okay, but I choose to move on” (don’t remember who wrote it). That’s helped me forgive and move on, actually (not naturally good at forgiving…).

    1. Hi dear Samantha,
      Yes, I think that is about the same meaning 🙂
      For me it’s also about loving everyone, but not necessarily liking everyone…
      Hugs! XxX

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