I am a compassionate researcher, philosopher, blogger, skilled helper. Passionately connecting (off- and online) with people on a global scale, for the purpose to exchange knowledge, experiences and perspectives. My personal building stones are the wisdom of our ancestors and of nature. In addition, the knowledge and technology of the 21st century. By sharing these building blocks and offering guidance through my website, I aim to inspire my fellow Human Beings to Connect.

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The difference between passion and purpose?

Passion and purpose are closely linked to each other, however, there is a difference. The natural needs of us human beings are clean water, healthy food, shelter, structure and guidance. In addition, we all want to belong to someone. What drives us most is the feeling there’s a greater purpose and meaning in our lives.

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Life Connection means to me, live in such manner
in which all natural needs of you, as a unique human being,
are fulfilled in the 21st century, without forgetting the valuable lessons
nature and our ancestors taught us. 

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