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I also started this blog to share my brain threads. The constant moving threads in my head determine for a large extent who I am. Me as an unique creature on this globe. Always searching for more knowledge, more understanding about why things are and/or occur. Is it coincidence, or are we as human beings on this planet for a reason? Comprehend that there is a reason for the fact that we’re here, is that enough? Ideally I would like to know it all and obviously I am not without a reason a “kruidje-roer-me-nietje”(Mimosa Pudica): Preferably I would like to know NOW 🙂   N.B. I’m a Dutch soul, living in Germany, therefore my English will not be perfect 😉

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  1. I have a question. Why know it all now? I have grown to be more satisfied with the journey. I believe that I can know all things through my own personal journey. In my pondering on it at this time, I feel like we are just here cause this is a place to be. ? Right? I mean we are the same stuff as the U, we are the U and the U just IS. So we are just IS, doing what just IS-es do. Haha!

    1. Well..that has to do with my character; being an impatient woman haha. Some question I would like to have answered now; for instance how to improve my skills to help my neighbors in need. When you explore my website, you’ll find out I found a lot of answers already and yes, I too love the journey finding those answers 😉
      Thanks for visiting and commenting; much appreciated. XxX

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