Does coaching really work? If I didn’t believe that, I wouldn’t have become a Master Coach ūüėČ Now you can watch a movie and be inspired! The film LEAP launched recently, October 16, 2018. This Hollywood produced documentary follows four people as they attempt to achieve extraordinary things by working with the best coaches in the world.

About the Movie:

After three years of work, LEAP is launched worldwide on iTunes/Amazon/etc. The team of LEAP is on a mission to inspire one million lives to be more successful in life and business.

A one year experiment seeks to discover whether coaching can help ordinary people achieve extraordinary things. Confronted, challenged and frequently overwhelmed, four participants will bet everything on their bold visions on the future.

The participants:

In one night of drinking, Rob lost everything. His Emmy award now sits on the shelf, a reminder of the career he once had, and the family who will no longer take his calls. Haunted by his humiliating fall from grace and the night that it all fell apart, Rob holds fast to his sobriety, but struggles to rebuild the success he once had. Frustrated and afraid, he yells at his coaches ‚Äėevery time it‚Äôs supposed to get easier it gets¬†f@%$ing harder!‚Äô

Precious weighs 327 pounds. She has been laughed out of fashionable stores, yet believes that being curvy does not have to make you any less beautiful. Her dream is to start a lingerie company and inspire other plus sized women to love their bodies, yet the man who was the source of her own self confidence is no longer by her side.

Soon Loo is an overworked executive who manages companies across asia. He wants to step things up to the next level and grow his business to the stratosphere. His greatest fear is to come home to his parents house, look his dad in the eye, and announce that he has failed.

In his early twenties, Chad made a commitment to wait until the right person came along. He thought he would have to wait until he was twenty five, maybe thirty at most. Now, finding himself a 43 year old virgin, Chad must challenge his long held beliefs, and take the first tentative walk along the beach.

Elite coaching team:

Working with an elite team of coaches and mentors, including Marshall Goldsmith, Jack Canfield, John Grey, Chérie Carter-Scott, Mark Thompson and many more, our four participants will try and transform their lives. They’ll ask the searching questions, advise on business strategy, and walk their clients through every step of their transformation. But no one said it would be easy.

A moving story of courage and transformation which sets out to inspire one million people around the world to realize what is possible, and take their own leap.

Does coaching really work? – LEAP

A coach will ask you questions, allowing you to come up with your own answers deep inside you. To enable you to discover and uncover your own truth and take action. We are never done learning, done growing as unique individuals. The LEAP movie is inspiring for coaches, for those interested in becoming a coach and for anyone who always wanted to find out what coaching is all about.

Watch the LEAP movie today!